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15 Tips for Healthy Long Distance Relationship

15 Tips for Healthy Long Distance Relationship

Long Distance Relationship

Many people have only one opinion about long distance relationship which is, it is a hard thing to deal with and may never work they also think it has no future and you end up with a broken heart, but when you truly fall in love you can’t choose but you can work things if you really want for it to last.

It is like any other relationship have its pros and cons, you need to know what makes you fall in love with your partner, what you don’t want to be in that relationship, and how far you want for it to go.

These Tips Will Help You Have a More Healthy and Easy Long Distance Relationship

1. Be Honest To Each Other

Honesty is the key to any healthy long distance relationship telling the truth to each other gives you a more solid base from which you can build a nice, not complicated relation. It may be hard for an apart couple, you may not be able to have more discussion but when you get used to it will be much easier.

2. Don’t Get Through Old Topics

Getting through old topics won’t take you anywhere through the relation, on the contrary, it will make things harder and it might end with a fight. If you have an old important topic and you really want to bring it in you may wait until you meet face to face, but don’t bring it through texting or having some kind of video call.

3. Share Your Feelings

Because you are in a distant relationship it doesn’t mean you don’t express your feeling, when you do that you give more soul to the relation and it keeps things spicy so you don’t get bored or so. It also doesn’t mean to fake things, if you don’t feel anything don’t come up with a word or emotional feelings it will give your partner wrong message and you won’t be able to figure if you truly love him/her, you need to figure if you really want the relation to succeed or you just get used to that person.


4. It Is Okay to Have a Sexual Talk

The sexual part always gives the long distance relationship a solid bonding, it makes you more connected to your partner and makes things more fun not boring.

5. Ditch Texting and Go for Video Calls

Many couples don’t give importance to that part although it really has much impact on the relation, texting doesn’t give you any emotions or expressions it just words that you may understand according to your own feeling most of the time and not what the texted person said.

In video calls, you get to share expressions, see each other faces and have a deep meaningful emotional conversation you just need to figure the best app that works for you.


6. Figure Each Other Schedules

Knowing the schedules of each other helps you to avoid many problems, if you don’t know when your partner will be available to communicate with you may feel that there is really a distance between you both and you won’t be able to spend much time together.

You can organize your schedules together to have common time that both of you will be free in, so you can spend more enjoying with each other without being embarrassed that you have an appointment or some work to do.

7. Do Activities with Each Other

You definitely will get bored from talking each time you get together, and being in a distant relationship doesn’t mean to be boring couples, on the contrary, you can have much fun. You may plan for a fun game to play while talking through Skype or so, like truth or drink by asking each other questions and if one of you don’t want to answer one drink a shot of tequila or any other liqueur.

If you both like reading, you can pick a book to read together and analyze it. If you have any work at home like cleaning you can do it while talking. You can also cook a lunch meal together and see who makes it better, you can even go out while talking to each other. There are many things that cope with your interests and make you have fun and unique time.


long distance relationship

8. Meet Often

You can’t just depend on texting or video calls you both need to have certain times where you can meet and your faces see and touch each other in real life, no matter how busy or distance you both are you need to put a certain schedule for your meeting even if it was once each couple months.


Long Distance Relationship

9. Surprise Each Other

Having a lame, boring relationship is definitely unhealthy no matter the type of relation and long distance relationships is not an exception from that, you can make an unexpected visit to your partner, make her/him a poem if you good at, draw a picture, send him/her a gift whatever makes your partner and also you happy go for it.


10. Set a Ground to Your Relationship

It is really important to figure with your partner what is acceptable and not acceptable in your relationship so both of you can be comfortable, so you don’t come on anything that breaks anyone’s heart. For example, you should know if it is okay to go out with other people while you both apart or if it is suitable for both of you to be open about anything happen in your lives. This gives you a healthy and easy relationship no matter it was a long or short distance.

11. Set a Goal for The Relationship

Setting a goal for your relationship will make things more exciting and fun, your goal might be accomplishing more things in your own lives like having a better career, start a new project, have a better and healthier body or anything else.

Your goal may be settling down with each other after a specific time or have a project for both of you to start a new level in the relation from.

12. Stay Positive

Have a distant relationship is a painful thing and it may give you depression if you a negative person, so both of you need to be positive all the time you should focus on the good things and try to improve bad things with each other.

Don’t think about how distant you are from each other or how long you have been apart, focus on how to make each other happy and grateful instead.


long distance relationship

13. Support

Support is the soul of any successful and healthy relationship if your partner can’t give things you looking for in a relationship or it was you who do that your relationship won’t go anywhere good. Keep supportive and positive, help each other to accomplish the things you want to have and try to make a better person of each other.

14. Don’t Take Each Other for Granted

Support and positivity are the keys to a happy relationship, but if you keep giving them to your partner and you don’t receive the same back or you don’t have what you looking for you will end up with broken heart, damaged soul and depressed character so don’t make your partner take you for granted.

You also should do the same to the other part in the relationship don’t keep pushing on him/her don’t suck her/him up without giving back. Giving and receiving are very important in any relationship they both keep everything balanced so things can work right.

15. Don’t Put High Expectation

Don’t lie on yourself and raise the limit of your relationship when you do that you hurt yourself and you drive the relationship into a bath wasn’t meant for it to be in. If you have any thoughts about your relation just share with your partner to see if it is possible or it is just something out of the road.


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