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How to Look Good All The Time | 6 Tricks to Nail It

How to Look Good All The Time | 6 Tricks to Nail It

Looking Good

For looking good you don’t need to lose weight, follow a strict diet plan like eating nothing but salad, spending thousands of dollars on clothes, products or even overdo with the way of wearing to be able to enjoy a stunning and sleek allure for your everyday life. It’s all about figuring what makes you happy and follow simple tips and tricks to look stylish and well putten together no matter what you wearing or where you’re heading. You just need to know how to assemble what you have in your wardrobe besides some tricks to boost your appearance anywhere at any time.

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Tips for Looking Good and Attain Your Beauty with These Simple Tips

1. Figure Your Body Shape


Figuring your body shape helps you know what makes you look good and what affects your guise. It helps you to pick the right piece of clothing that can boost your beauty and hiding unwanted places.

If we took the apple shape, for instance, you can see that people with that body have beautiful legs, but they might accumulate fat in the upper part. That is why they need to make some contract between the lower and upper part of their bodies.

So, when they need to pick a certain pair of jeans they should avoid low waisted jeans as they make their legs look shorter, draw attention to their upper part and if they got fat around the belly, the muffin cup shape making you not looking good at all.

When it comes to shirts, it is better to pick ones with cuts around the neck like V cut or low case shapes, if you have an apple shape and you wore a shirt that closed up to your neck, it will make your breast and shoulder look bigger from the other parts of your body. You want to draw attention to your chest, but at the same time, you want to make it look smaller and more fit for the other body parts.


looking good

2. Know Your Face Shape is an essential step for looking good


When you know your face shape, you will be able to figure which hairstyles and haircuts more suitable for you. It also helps you to pick the right jewelry and do your make up right.

If you have a square-shaped face, you should go with a layered haircut, sharp pop or short pop. You may also go with more than one bang, it is also better to have long haircuts over the shoulder to make your face more elongated. You should also choose rounded earrings and avoid these long ones which end at your jawline.


3. Pick the Right Pair of Jeans


Jeans is the most important piece of clothing, you can wear them in a casual or formal way. Picking the right pairs of them to give you that amazing elegant look, in order to pick the ones that fit you follow these easy and simple tricks:

  • Round the jeans around your neck until both ends meet together, there must not be a space between the ends and they must not be overlapping too.


  • Put your elbow inside the waist of your jeans, if you found the elbow fits in then that is the right one but if you found much space between your elbow and the jeans then it is too big and if it doesn’t fit then it is too tight.


  • One more important tip is the distance between the end of the zipper and the crotch if there is a long space between them you will have that unwanted camel toe shape.


looking good

4. Always Include Patterns and Colors


Different patterns and shapes are all around fashion runways, so wearing them wouldn’t make you less trendy or though. Patterns give you a stylish looking good allure and they also help in covering any unwanted feature you have. For example, if you have fats around the belly, you can wear a blouse or dress with patterns you like.

You can also wear different types of patterns at the same time, You can go with a long striped patterns trousers with a simple crop top or blouse that have nice patterns like dotes or small shapes.

You can also wear different colors to hide your least feature, or if you want to look slimmer too. If you looked at the black rectangular down below you will see that it look slimmer and taller than the brighter one although they both have the same size.

You can also play with lines and stripes, for example, if you want to look taller and some way slimmer you can wear a dress or shirt with long lines close to each other, that will make an illusion trick making you look taller and also hide some features you don’t want.



5. Don’t Be Cheap When It Comes to Your Bra and look good


The bra is the piece of clothing that you should invest in, wearing the right bra for your breast shapes make your clothes look better and give you more confidence about your look. You can follow these simple tricks to choose the perfect bra that fits you perfectly:

  • Put on your bra and start with the center part, it should sit flat against your chest not to tight.


  • Next check the cups, if you have a double-bust effect then you might need an upper cup bra that covers your breast perfectly and prevents them from popping out. If the cups are baggy, then you need to have a smaller-size bra that holds your breast to give your clothes that perfect look.


  • The underwire of your bra must be sitting around your bust not on it, if it sitting away it won’t support your breast and give you that saggy look, in that case, you need to down your bra cup size. But if the bra wires poking you, then you need an up cup size bra.


  • The final point you need to check is your under band, it should sit straight around your body with a firm and comfortable way and enough space to fit two fingers underneath it.


looking good feel good

6. Believe in Your Beauty and Don’t Mind for People Around You


It may sound cliché but it is really true when you believe in your beauty, the beauty of your soul and who you are, this will reflect in your outer shape making you looking good and have that glowy charming appearance.

Confidence and self-esteem is the most important thing you really should have, don’t mind for celebrities or social media stars. They are not a thing but sellers who only affecting women’s mental and physical health to sell some kind of products or believes for their own sake.


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