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Our Guide for Wearing Minimalist Outfits to Work This Fall

Our Guide for Wearing Minimalist Outfits to Work This Fall

minimalist outfits

When we mention minimalist outfits or minimal style boring looks are all What it came in mind, but the truth is minimalist style is one of the simplest ways to boost and give your look more vibes and special character. When it comes to working clothes comfy, practicality and statements are all what it takes. You need to go for clothes that make you comfortable, happy, and also give clear obvious statements about the message you want to deliver to your colleges.

This fall trend was all about bold and powerful pieces from colors to different types of prints and the edgy sleek cuts that make you more comfortable and confident about yourself.

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Today We Break Down The perfect Guide for Wearing Minimalist to Work


Skirts are one of the most trendy pieces this fall they give your look that simple clean vibes and you have many varieties to choose from, following minimalist fashion doesn’t mean sticking to wide over-sized clothes, it is going for simple but you also not limiting yourself with a fixed feature. You need to figure different types of cuts that suit your body shape and help you appear with a simple rather unique and specific look.

You can choose between silk skirts, pleated skirts, slit skirts, long wide skirts, midi or wrapped skirts. You can boost the look with a skinny belt to add more texture and come out from the boring zone that you might get locked in with your minimalist look.



minimalist outfits



Plaid trousers went viral through all fall fashion runways, printed ones also appeared on lots of fall-winter 2018/2019 runways. Belted and cropped trousers are also still on while wide trousers were seen on a big scale through street style this fall. Play with colors and fabric to give your look more life, for example, silk belted trousers are a very new and fresh piece that you can wear with a shirt and blazer for a powerful statement.


minimalist outfits




You can’t forget about wearing blazers for your minimalist outfits wardrobe it will be just wrong, they match very well for any minimalist look you go for whether silk creamy-colored skirt, printed trousers or even long wide ones. You don’t have to buy a new one to cope with the 2018 fall trend, anything will work no matter the color or the cut. You just need to style it well, you can wear it on top of a long dress, midi skirt or any kind of trousers just keep things simple and don’t over go with colors.



minimalist outfits


Dresses are very suitable minimalist outfits for work if you have a job with a leading position. It gives you a powerful and feminine look at the same time, long and midi dresses are very trendy and you might have a couple of them in your closet.

Floral dresses are very popular this fall, silky dresses are there too and you can style them very easily whether with a blanket coat or neutral blazer besides slouchy 80’s boots or wild uncle boots.





Suits are a stereotypical work outfit but you can add your touch and give it an extra kick, they are easy to wear and find, and they give you a very minimal look. You can pick what color or print you like too, but if you want to add more life make sure that the cut of the suite isn’t boring.

Little details can also change the look completely like a nice belt whether big obvious one or simple skinny silky. Shoes also have much impact on the suits, so stay away from the basic type of heels and go for glove pump shoes, they are very trendy this fall and have a very minimalistic fancy.


minimalist outfits



Because you are at work or seeking a minimalist outfits wardrobe it doesn’t mean you can’t wear jeans, straight-leg jeans are the new minimal trend that you gonna see in all denim shops this season. They very comfy, simple, and also give a powerful statement you can wear with a nice pink shirt which is a very popular color this fall, maxi bag, and 80’s wild boots.


minimalist outfits



minimalist outfit ideas


Shirts are basic minimalist pieces that you must have in your work wardrobe and for 2018 fall they depended on textures and different cuts to give life and vibes to your look. You can style with any piece you have like jeans, skirts or blazers to give more minimal rather powerful feature.




Shoes like the soul of your minimalist outfits so, you need to give them more importance and invest in. This fall, ankle boots are very on, so if you have one don’t hesitate on wearing it. The theme of this season shoes is the 80’s style, which is very classic and simple. You can choose between wild-printed boots, velvet shoes from heels to boots, slouchy boots, and angular boots.

Glove shoes had also gained much interest this fall whatever you like or feel comfortable with go for, just remember to keep everything balanced and don’t over go with it so you don’t ruin the main feature of the look.




minimalist outfits



Maxi bags or over-sized bags are a very suitable piece for work which you can complete your outfit with, they are very simple wether in the shapes or colors. If you want to have bolder or power kick with the bag you can choose from structured leather handbags, you have wide varieties to pick from and you probably have one in your closet as they have been on the scene for a couple two years.





You shouldn’t forget about accessories when it comes to your workwear they give your look that personal touch, besides the stylish and chic vibes. Accessories boost the everyday look to have renewable and fresh allure each day.

For your minimalist fall fashion, big earrings are the main pieces, they come in different shapes and colors.
Big and colorful glasses are other pieces of accessories that you can rely on, just pick the right one for your face shape and you are ready to conquer your work world.




minimalist outfits


Tell Us Which Work Minimalist Outfits You Will Go for This Fall in The Comments?

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