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10 Items You Can Steal From Your Mom’s Closet

10 Items You Can Steal From Your Mom’s Closet

Mom's Closet

Unless you are Cinderella and have a step-mom, you know you can always rely on your mom’s closet. Whether it is about sharing an embarrassing secret, talking about your broken heart or needing to borrow some wardrobe-essentials, mums are always there for their girls. Mom’s wardrobe is like your magical place where you can always find what you need for an important night out with your significant other like borrowing pearl earrings or shiny clutch to match with your dress. Stealing a pair of kitten heels or classic croc bag is also a great way to upgrade your own closet 😉

They may raise an eyebrow at you once in a while, but you know there’s no one else who can better understand you. Even if an explosive fight contaminates your bond, admit it, you never stop wanting her to kiss you goodnight. There are so many people who come and go. Mothers, though? They are constant. A thousand friends can’t comfort you like your mother can and none in a horde of men can ever know you as well as her.

Keeping the emotions apart, let’s talk about what really is the best part about sharing a connection with your mom. Wondering what it is? It’s raiding her closet!

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The real question – Why raid your mom’s closet?

As little girls, we all have a hard time keeping away from mom’s makeup drawer. Since she doesn’t appreciate her baby girl painting herself colorful, we resort to other ways of copying her. From carrying her handbag to slipping into her too big sandals, we spend days thinking about when we’ll be old enough to use her wardrobe basics. When the times finally comes, we find ourselves silently sneaking into mom’s room to fetch a shirt or two. Little do we know, moms are well aware of our sneaky habits? Whether your reason for stealing stuff from your mother’s cupboard is that you lack your own dresses, you need something new or simply just you are so impressed you can’t help but copy her style, know that every one of us does this. So, you aren’t alone here, girl. By all means, carry on.

Which items should you steal from your mom’s closet?

Okay, if this is your first time taking some stuff from your mom’s closet and you’re not quite sure what you should take, you’re in the right place. Since your move has to be stealthy, you shouldn’t stand there waiting for her to catch you. Just set your eyes on these pieces and you won’t regret your decision of borrowing mom’s style game:

1 – A floral dress perfect for every occasion

The one thing we love about florals is that they’re always in fashion. However, every year a particular flowery pattern goes popular, which means everyone wears it so much that it becomes boring. Want to stand out? Pick an old floral printed dress from your mom’s armoire.

Mom's Closet

2 – That vintage croc handbag

Faux crocodile-skin bags are totally in these days. They give off a classy and retro vibe that can ante up your style any day. Teach everyone how to do fashion right by carrying your mom’s old croc-skin handbag because nothing is better than the original style.

Mom's Closet

3 – Scrunchies because you always need them

What’s wrong with these elastic bands? Why do they keep getting lost? Don’t worry, though, you can always borrow one from mum’s dressing table. If your mum doesn’t use scrunchies, you can always buy some from needsupplyco. Don’t forget to use a coupon if you love discounts like us.

Mom's Closet

4 – A big hat for all seasons

Feel like rocking a big hat but don’t have one of your own? Steal your mom’s. Hats were one of last year’s top accessories and we bet the trend will continue this year too. Pair the hat with your coat or wait for sunny days to flaunt it on the beach.

5 – A pair of stylish flared jeans

Fed up of skinny jeans and want to try something different? Sneak into your mother’s closet and bring back a pair of flared jeans. Pair these with a button-down shirt. Don’t tuck the shirt in and keep your hair open. See? You already have a new look ready!

6 – Kitten heels for graduation day

Not a huge fan of kitten heels but feel like slipping your feet into a pair this once? Rather than investing in a new pair, pick one from your mom’s closet. Kitten heels have been in trend for a while. Best rock them now before the trend runs out.

Mom's Closet

7 – Diamond earrings for date night

Don’t have any real jewels of your own yet and want to shine bright like a diamond when you go out for your next big date on Valentine’s? Surely mum wouldn’t mind lending you her diamond earrings for the special occasion. After all, which girl doesn’t love jewels?


8 – Silk scarf because you need something classy

Add a touch of chic to your look with a silk scarf. If your mum has one, look no further than her closet. Wear the scarf as a hairband or tie it around your neck – either way, it is sure to give you your desired classy look. Don’t forget to put on your sunshades with the look for a bit more oomph.

Mom's Closet

9 – Oversized tees because comfort comes first

Know which clothes are the most comfortable ever? Mothers’. So, when you just sit on the couch watching Netflix, get cozy in your mum’s oversized shirts. You can also go to bed wearing these. Because why buy clothes that don’t fit when mum’s wardrobe can serve the purpose when needed.

10 – Pearl necklace for a royal look

Headed to an event or just casually hanging out your office pals and want your look to be fancy? Add a pearl necklace for a glamorous effect. We bet your mum’s closet would have more than one of those sitting inside. There are several items you can pick from your mum’s wardrobe. From some jewels to dresses and bags, the choices are endless.

Which items do you snag the most from your mom’s closet?

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