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My at Home Glute Workouts to Sculpt My Booty

My at Home Glute Workouts to Sculpt My Booty

at home glute workouts

As a girl working from home, I spend half of my day sitting finishing my work and scheduling for the next day, I developed a bigger issue with my body that I already used to suffer from on regular days with extra movements. Something you need to know before we go further with this piece, that I have a denser upper body which means I’m bulkier at breasts and leas muscling around my hips and booty. I love my shape and I can fix this annoying asymmetry with picking the right pieces of outfits and styling them together which means I go tighter on tops and go looser for bottoms. But I still wanted to develop a toned rounded butt like what’s better than having a curvy body you can enjoy with a piece of bikini while relaxing by the pool. So, as I sit long periods on my desk writing or editing articles my booty muscles won’t grow like they should and moreover, i had cellulite which made things wore. That’s why I decided to put my own at home glute workouts that encourage me to exercise on a daily basis and love it not just do it out of duty.

I’m not a fitness expert but I searched for a bunch of tips and exercises that can help me thrift an enjoyable sits of workouts I can lean on to reach my goal. The best way to get yourself into exercise and actually love is to go for different types and techniques so you don’t get bored and reach your goal faster. Another thing is to increase your protein and carbs intake. I made things easier for myself because i didn’t want to go way too deep and I really saw some pretty good results in the first two months.

Let’s dig in with these fun at home glute workouts

Food is the key

When you focus on developing a good looking booty all you need is muscles to have that desirable satisfying lifted rounded shape. To build muscles we need both protein and carbohydrates and by that, we need clean quality sources. So, I would go for whole wheat bread, chicken breast, potatoes, tuna, eggs, milk, rice. These are the types I like and I built my meals around. It’s always easy to build our healthy dishes around foods we love, and without eating them in the wrong way we can turn into healthy choices pretty easily and we discussed that in previous posts. Another thing you need to know before start working out is knowing when to heat. I used to eat an hour before exercise, this will help my body absorb all nutrients that can boost my performance and I won’t suffer from any digestion or reflex issues because I ate too close to working out time. When comes to supplying you for the right energy to exercise you need to fill the meal right before with a higher amount of healthy carbs and fats like peanut butter, potato or rice.

Start with warming up

You can’t start at home glute workouts with resistance types of exercise right away especially if you’re a beginner, you need to induce the blood flow through your body first to proceed with difficult types of exercises. Warming up or high-intensity exercises will also boost your mood and put you in an active energetic state that will drive you to go further with exercising till the end. I like to start with running and jogging around my place then I can go higher with jump squats, X-burpees, and lateral lax. I love warming up, it’s like an addiction to me as it helps tone my body and provide much strength to each muscle I move.

Follow with some HIT

After raising your heart levels to the most in order to burn some calories and get ready for the next step which will be focusing on the right muscle we want. HIT won’t burn calories like cardio instead it will help you to tone certain areas you like such as your glutes. You can use a resistance band to execute the next round of this routine. Do moves like donkey kicks, lateral walks, and leg raises. You can also do booty lift and lunges. I usually go for 3 and I replace it with the other three for the next time so I don’t get bored. You can start with a lower number of sets and groups and go higher as you can.

 at home glute workouts

The best of the best

There is a punch of workouts I can’t finish my hour without and they’re hill of fun. They don’t require you to move that much. All you need is to lay down on the floor and move your leg or several parts of your lower body. I like a group of back kicks, fire hydrant, glute bridge, Hip CARS, and one leg bridge. You can apply some weight when you do the bridge exercise as it will create some resistance which helps in developing more muscles to create the rounded shape we aim for. You can also use the resistance band in these fun rounds to upgrading it if you find them getting easier.

 at home glute workouts

You can’t go wrong with squats

Squats are one of the best exercises for developing a bigger booty, it was the hardest at home glute workout between all. I incorporated different kinds of squats to make things easier for me at the beginning like burpee squats thrust, wall sit squats, jump squats, chair squats, and side jack squats. You can start with easier options like a wall sit squats and chair squats to lower the pressure on your week legs at the first and go higher by time. If you like to use weights when doing your squats and you don’t own dumbbells we all know the great replacement of water bottles. Use what you have in hand and don’t limit yourself with going to the gym or the need to have an instructor, owning equipment. You can turn your home into the nicest place possible if you can.

You need to recover

You won’t grow bigger muscles in a faster way by exercising each single day. Your body needs to recover and your muscles need the rest to grow faster. To recover you should do some stretches after you finish at least 10 minutes, you also need to drink lots of water and eat lots of proteins, and finally exercise each other day. I have been following this routine for almost five months and my booty has developed a great shape overall, you only need to be consistent and stick to the routine. Make this hour as a way to have fun, listen to the music you like, and get yourself into a better mood.

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