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My Eating Routine to Lose More Than 8 Pounds a Week

My Eating Routine to Lose More Than 8 Pounds a Week

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I love food: pasta, cheese, bread, and meat are all my favorite type. If you stepped in my living room at 9 PM you will find with a bowel of kebab meat and a delicious piece of pita bread while watching my favorite show. I like juicy types of meat which means adding extra fat to make it super good. Pasta can’t be made without cheese, it’s a dreamy combination if you like to forget about anything bad happening with you right now and just enjoy a happy pure moment. I like cooking and experiencing new things and recipes so, food for me isn’t just a meal or a way to get rid of hunger it’s more like a solid relationship to be grateful and appreciate good things good gifted us in life. Although that one-side deep love relationship my eating routine had created a bit of an issue connecting to gaining extra weight which bothered me lately as I’m not moving properly or go out that much. So if I decided to follow a diet plan that helped me eat all food I love without losing my passion or feeling like I’m doing a hideous thing.

My way of eating doesn’t depend on the quantity or keep filling my stomach with food, I just love the part of tasting and chewing which lead me to experience more of delicious food and gain more weight. So, I decided to be smart and play with my routine, what to eat and how to eat.

Keep on reading to get my humble eating routine to get rid of extra weight

I’m not a breakfast person

The thing is I’m not a big fan of breakfast that’s why I end up snacking on something salty like potato chips or cheese. The first meal of the day is always important as you set your body to work properly for the rest of the day in order to give you more power till night and benefit from what you eat while improving your metabolism. So, to fit in through my new eating routine, I had to do some changes and step out of my ordinary comfort habits. What I did was making breakfast more appealing and pleasing with food. Egg is a great source of protein and since I’m exercising to have better booty I need more of that throughout my day. But, I’m not an egg lover as well so I searched for the best egg recipes to incorporate in my meal and as long as l love chicken, combing both was a great step to excite me for the meal. I also added fruits that I enjoy as kiwi and cantaloupe.

But, as I said my routine was depending on portions which was the crucial point to lose those extra pounds. So I’m 167 cm with 65 and half kilograms, I wanted to lose those extra 4 kilos. And as I’m losing the fat I am also adding muscle through exercising which means I’m in need for power and protein. So, how to balance between supplying myself with that and lose fat. The key was counting on white carbs!

Meaning for breakfast I would go for one piece of whole-wheat toast, one egg, 50 gram of chicken breast, one kiwi, and half cantaloupe. It was hard for me at first to skip on bread, but by the first week, I started to feel much better and light. My stomach was in much relive and the most important goal I loved breakfast!

Lunch is my thing

For lunch I can’t define if things were fun or hard, my mum is staying with me right now and I love the food she makes. Her recipes kinda healthy, but she likes to add extra oil to the food she thinks this makes food more delicious especially the traditional recipes we grew up eating back at home. She has the roasted chicken recipe with tomato, onions, garlic, pepper, and lemon juice you just can’t stop eating. We all have that person of family who likes to feed us and make the food we love from our childhood, so imagine yourself living with that person how much weight you will gain…As I love spending time with mum and enjoying her food, I decided to not go with creating healthy food recipes with a non-sticky pan and other replacements like all roasted things.

So what I would eat was an average piece of meat, fish, chicken or any kind with a slice of whole white bread or four tablespoons of rice, pasta, potatoes while starting with a medium bowl of salad

For me, lunch was all about protein, veggies, a higher source of carbohydrates like potatoes or rice. Proteins help me to stay full for a longer period so I won’t go to make salty delicious snacks and carbs would give me the power to proceed through the day and do better at my workout routine while veggies would help with my digestion and not facing any trouble after eating. If the food is fatty or oily, I try to eat smaller portions while still enjoy it and go for other healthier ways to complete the meal. So, if you living with someone that you share with food with try to create a balance and make the meals you love by decreasing the amount of actual fat you use and stick to smaller portions.

eating routine

Dinner is the time when I get creative

When I used to go to the gym my coach told me to keep my eatings from 9 AM to 8 PM, I shouldn’t eat anything after that because my body wouldn’t have the chance to burn calories as I will be in bed after that. But, as I am staying home I eat dinner around 10 PM and by the time I crave more delicious things like a bowl of mac and cheese, chocolate cake, cream cheese toast with salmon, basically and hearty feel-good food. If you thinking t skipping on that and just go to bed you are doing the WRONG thing, because you won’t be able to sleep well and you might end up in the fridge by 1 Am in the morning snacking on anything (I have been THERE). So, it’s always better to not skip a meal and what I did for dinner eating routine is going for food that can close my appetite for the day while getting the nutrients I need.

I would eat a bowl of yogurt mixed with dark berries or I would go for goat cheese with a slice of bread and a cup of relaxing herbal tea. These combinations keep me full and satisfied which all I need for dinner meals.

So make sure to incorporate healthier versions of foods you love to your dinner and we all have some like certain types of fruits, cheese or veggies just make sure to go for light options so you don’t experience any bloating or stomach ache the next morning.

eating routine

I don’t skip snacks

Snacks are a way to have some fun with my eating routine as I can eat food I love and enjoy without thinking of ordering my plate, eating for the next exercise or just waiting for all the dishes that need to be washed! I get the bowel of food I love and I relax on my balcony chair watching the sky while listening to my favorite music.

The only kinds of snacks I adore are chocolate and salty crunchies. For chocolate, I stay away from the very sweet versions and I stack up on the dark good types of chocolate that have more of a flavor. I also go for baked types of chips not the fried like baked potato chips made with olive oil, oregano, paprika, salt, pepper, cumin, and ginger. Roasted sweet potato is another warm hearty option for a snack.

The key to this eating routine is to not realize and turn to more of a spontaneous way of living and eating. I have passed the fourth month and going through the fifth with no feeling of privation.

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