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My Fourth Year In Going Braless With Large Breasts

My Fourth Year In Going Braless With Large Breasts

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It’s getting colder out there, going braless and putting those over-sized cashmere sweaters and wool are getting more common but for me, things are the same whether it is winter or summer I am going braless all time long. It is so much easier and more fun to breathe out and let things go easy-breezy out there.

Growing up in a conservative family where showing up nipples may cause a panic and sticky awkward situations gave no option to go around or may I say realize what I really wanted, wearing a bra all day long even when going to bed was a pretty much normal and I may say comfortable to me, I didn’t have any complain and I was handling things very easy, but this was until I went through emotional and psychological experience when panic attacks and dyspnea were a regular pass in my everyday life.

Each time I went through this I took off my bra and that when I felt the grace I never went through since I got those busty rounded-shapes, I became to let go of wearing bra slowly. I quit wearing to bed and THAT WAS GOOD.

For a busty girl letting go of bra wasn’t an easy thing physically and mentally especially form confidence-wise, the looks I got and the words whether from people whether I knew or not. As going braless changed lots of things it also caused pain and this how I went and become through the four years as a braless girl.

My Fourth Year in A Row of Going Braless As a Big Bust


Soreness and Pain

Braless + Big breast two things that don’t go very well, the first stage came with lots of pain and a bad breast look. I never took up my bra except for showering, going without a bra for 5 minutes put me in lots of pain and this was kind of annoying I felt like it was a part of my body and I wanted to free myself from that piece of fabric which I no longer want on my skin.

At the first stage, my breasts were very sore they caused me bad back pain and they looked saggy. I remember going to the doctor at 11 PM one day thinking I have some health issue in my breasts, I thought not wearing a bra for the last couple of months night give me breast cancer! I panicked from the way they looked, they were pale and the veins were so obvious, they were saggy in a way I never saw them in. The doctor told me to wear a bra again to give them some support and get my shape back, but I was still getting those panic attacks and I was still on my decision on not wearing a bra again. I practiced some kind of toning exercises and played with dimples to get those big babes back into shape.

After a while, the pain went away and I started to look normal again, but the second stage was those annoying white stretch marks that went nowhere. Later on, I started to like them more ACTUALLY they give me some kind of empowering vibes.


Rising Up My Confidence

I always had lots of insecurities for my big breasts, growing up as a young girl that hadn’t any kind f support and dealing with her body changes on her own wasn’t an easy thing for me. I couldn’t even realize why big breasts draw that much attention and couldn’t speak to anyone on that, I began by picking the right type of clothes to hide things up out there, it was working a little bit but not even that much even people in my family started to bring up the situation in lots of occasions which raised my insecurities more and more.

But things had changed a lot when I started to encounter my body shape, not caring about what whoever says and going braless. I started it at home for me it was much like going that out there the look on the faces and the comments were pretty much similar in both, I stood with my decision and what I believe, those situations which I call gleeful made me happier and stick to that choice even more. I started going braless in school at winter and I felt so confident with my body and I liked the way I look, if you have some insecurities about your body please don’t try to change the way look I know it might look CHEESY and CLICHE, but believe me, loving your body the way it looks and not waiting for some kind of admiration or fearing out of those bad impressions will make you feel like you own your world and from which you can see what you really capable of.

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Looking back to those four years and remembering what I dealt with in my family which I think should support me in a decision that made me feel much better and even avoiding pain make me proud of who I am and what I have done, it is a simple decision but for me, it was more mentally and spiritual than physical.

Going Braless


Saving Money

Saving money, feeling comfortable, and looking good what else I need. I was getting a new bra every three months or so, it may sound madness I know but I was wearing them wherever I go 24/7 all week long which was CRAZY, so lucky me for taking that decision.


Figuring Other Options

It may be difficult at first, especially if you’re a little shy of showing your nipples or you want to seek better shape while still enjoying that freedom. Layers are always a great way to enjoy a stylish look and take the sight away from your big boobs. You can do that by throwing on a scarf, cardigan or even a jacket. Patterned and printed pieces are also great styling hack if you don’t want nipples to cut throw on a hot day.

Cupped tops and dresses are great solutions as well if you want to seek some support. While you can enjoy some vintage and classic way of dressing in a chic camisole under your dress if you planning for a romantic night with your significant other. You can also make crop tops your secret undergarment instead of bras to give your breast some support and shape either. For me, bralettes were my dear close intimate friend…

Braless and Summer!

Wearing bra through summer was a nightmare to me, I have heavy breasts and the sweat with bra under-line isn’t a pleasing feeling at all and I hated going out through summertime because of, if you like me you know what the case!!
Things might go a little harder through summer if you worry about the way your clothes look and who DOESN’T, at the beginning they were for sure. If I am wearing some kind of printed darker shirt or dress I absolutely ditch the whole thing, but sometimes I don’t like showing the two MRS that much and I am not that whole boobs-taps fan I think they are painful and pricey so BRALETTE was my savior. I guess bralettes are way better you can buy two or so to wear when you are out and they last longer and won’t cost you much, I bought this one from Amazon and I really like it is so comfortable and looks very nice.

If you are comfortable with showing your busty breasts you go gurl, as long as you are ample and happy with the way you look what can stop you!!

Going Braless


Going braless isn’t an easy thing to do for sure, it comes with lots of hustle and pain. You need also to pay attention to your health and now when and where to wear or not wear your regular bra. Most of us want that tinted firm breast shape. So it’s your call at the end and each of us has her own side of the story, know yours and act according to it…

Are you going braless? Share your experience with us in the comments.

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