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My Own Experience With Anger Issues and How I Dealt With It

My Own Experience With Anger Issues and How I Dealt With It

Anger Issues

Living life as an extremely nervous person wasn’t for sure an easy thing to me, even the smallest things would stress me and make me goes from 0 to 10 in less than a second. It wasn’t nither on the emotional or physical level. On the emotional level, I used to feel anxious, nervous, stressed out, and of course depressed all the time. Physically, I used to have regular heart and panic attacks with or without a reason – Things were going pretty dangerous for me. Unfortunately, what makes the situation harder for me was that I couldn’t tamp these anger rages at all. I grew up in an unhealthy family, problems and loud voices was a thing I experienced every single day. Along with that I used to get bullied by my elder brother since I was a young girl. Between mixed feelings of anger and anxiety, I couldn’t proceed with a natural peaceful life which reversed back on my future path as well. Struggling with anger issues for years put me in a place where I couldn’t deal with my everyday life normal problems,

I have always lost any valuable opportunity that can put me in a good place. My emotions have always won the battle over my mind which made me feel petty for myself. I knew that anger was a sin I had to pull out of my life once and for all. I started to create my own routine to deal with anger issues. It was pretty simple and easy but still hard to apply. It took me a year in order to control my anger times but it did pay off eventually.
Being calmer and relaxed helped me to create a happier, more productive and successful version of myself. That persona I did much effort to develop is healthier and of course more beautiful. I remember getting those breakouts and dark circles because of anger and the night I spent thinking angrily in problems and situations already over.

I see you back there wondering why I didn’t ask for professional help, well during that time I couldn’t financially afford going to a psychiatric or so. That’s why I decided to develop my own ways to comfort me through this hard time, I practiced my mentality and I didn’t give up. Of course, you gonna face those down giving up times, but here I’m a true example for that and something to inspire you in the middle of darkness.

Girls bring your journal because you will want to take notes on these precious anger issues tips

Analysis The Situation

The number #1 rule you should be considering to control your anger times must be figuring out the situation and be truly mindful about it. You can’t fix a problem if you didn’t know where it’s coming from, this’s very much the case for anyone suffering anger issues we all ACT without thinking. If you took a moment and configured does it really worth that anger and energy you gonna put for. Maybe it’s a very small situation doesn’t deserve that huge reaction from you. I used to get very angry when someone lies to me about a thing I know or even I saw a person doing some actions don’t like. I re-evaluated those reactions and all I can tell it’s none of my business. If they’re liars or do wrong actions why I give that huge response – I can simply face them with truth or advice without waiting for all my energy.

If it’s a serious situation that really needs to be solving, by experience I knew that anger never paid off. Each time I dealt with a problem with yelling I was always on the losing side, there was one time I faced a huge problem at work and some colleges come up on me. I was shocked with their behavior because some of them were close friends, I dealt very wisely with what happened and I proved that I was right and I cleared my situation. Actually, this was the turning point, the old version of me would be just angry and nervous without proving I have all the rights.

Anger Issues
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Figure Out Anger consequences

Preventing yourself from getting angry will never be easy at first, but if you took a moment and remembered your status after being that much angry you will see stress, nervous, anxiety, stomach ache sometimes, bloating most of the times and more side effects only harming your body so deeply. Setting that comparison will make you consider your anger rages each time you face a problem.

Think of Things Can Calm You Down

If you still can’t help it out and you always let the adrenaline rush come all over you, maybe remembering a nice memory and thinking of a place or someone close to your heart will help you control these times. Each time I come through a situation that can make me nervous or angry whether, at work, street or even home I just think in something nice to put negative vibes and thoughts away.


Anger Issues


Meditate Regularly

Meditation and yoga are a great way to control anger issues as they help your body to be more relaxed while helping you get more connected with your inner soul so you don’t get easily angry with any kind of provocative actions. I meditate more than one times a day and I don’t consume that much time of your day. All you need is between 15 to 30 minutes per session, it isn’t that hard to give yourself at least one hour to recharge, clear your mind, and of course, be more tolerance. It’s a time when you don’t have to think or deal with anything at all which we all need on our everyday busy life.


Anger Issues
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