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Get More Productive at Work With Office Yoga Postures

Get More Productive at Work With Office Yoga Postures

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If you spend much time at work or you have a desk job that requires you to set hours on the chair concentrating on computer or so, you will have much pressure and you might lose your concentration for long period because of the pain you have from setting the same posture for hours. Setting in a certain posture for such long time place much strain on your spine and might lead to serious health issues in the future, that is why you need to stretch your muscles and body during work to remove that stress out of your body and get more relaxed with office yoga so you can start off again in a fresh and productive way.

Check Out These 7 Minutes Office Yoga Postures to Relax and Remove All The Pressure

Head Nod

Come to the edge of your seat, plant your legs apart, sit up nice and tall, talk a deep breath in and long exhale out then start to move your neck slowly back and forth. Drop your chin to your chest and begin to nod your head slowly, you can listen to nice relaxing music in your headphone to fell the sensation.

Head Shaking

Concentrating on paperwork or any computer task put much pressure on your neck, so you need to stretch the muscles to remove all the stress and have the chance to focus on your job all over again. Stick to the previous seat position and start shaking your head from right to left very slowly, the next movement will be drawing a circle with your head in the space. Draw a circle around your nose in one way then reverse the movement to the other side.


Shoulders Flip Over

Shoulders are another part of your body that you apply much pressure on while sitting a certain posture for long period, you can remove the stress and relax your body by flipping the shoulders back and forth just make sure you take a deep breathe in and long exhale out while doing these moves.

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Reversed Seated Twist

This office yoga posture works very well for both shoulders and back when you focus on something for a long time you lower your head and arch your back, even if you putting in your mind to sit tall and straight you also come on doing this unintentionally which may give you hunchbacked shoulder on a long term.

By doing that yoga exercise you help your muscle to be more flexible and remove any strain on them, start with sitting tall and straight while parting your legs slightly then put your right hand on the outer edge of the left leg and bring your left hand behind your back for a gentle twist, take a deep breath and exhale it slowly.

Switch to your left side putting your left hand on the outer edge of your right leg while your right hand gently twisted behind your back, also take a nice deep breath in and exhale it out slowly. Remember to move your neck gently to each side and return slowly to the center each time you switch.

Seated Side Stretch

Another yoga desk posture for your shoulders and also for arms, if you type a lot on keyboards then your arms are kept in a specific place for hours that will hurt you and prevent you from focusing on your work. Grab your chair with the left hand and reach the right hand up and over your head then take the left hand to right side of the chair and move your arm up to their slowly for a couple of times towards the left edge.

Remember to breathe deeply and slowly, then repeat the same movements to the other side. Keep the positive energy with a nice soundtrack to get extra relaxation.

Open Shoulder Seated Bent Over

This posture works well for the upper back and shoulders pain, start with gripping your arms behind your back then go to the edge of your seat to make enough room for the arms, don’t forget to form a space between your legs.

Open your chest and bring your shoulders down then bent over while stretching the arms behind your back, stay like that for a couple of seconds then return to your normal position again.


Eagle Arms

One of the yoga exercises that target shoulder blades, it is very satisfying and removes all the stress out, bring your fingertips out and fold the right arm underneath the left then raise both of them to your head while the elbows are down. Keep them in that position for three seconds or so then switch the process, left arm underneath the right one.


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Back Bend

Most of the strain and pressure are located against your back which causes much pain and makes you less productive and unable to concentrate. Slide to the end of your chair to have a gentle supported back then bend your neck over the chair and stretch your arms behind it, stay for a couple of seconds then return to the main position.


Chair Pigeon

Cross your right ankle over your left leg and rotate your ankle in circular motions for a second next, bend forward and breathe well to get rid of all the pressure, focus on your body while listing to relaxing music. Do the same thing for the other leg and don’t forget to enjoy the sensation. This exercise helps you to move different types of your body to get rid of stress and start full of life all over again.


Lotus Posture

End your seven minutes of yoga time with a basic yoga posture, this one helps you to relax and clear your head to start work with a clear mind. Cross your legs, close your eyes, listen to the music and keep breathing.


office yoga

Tell Us What Is Your Favourite Posture in The Comments and How Adventurous Can You Go with Office Yoga?

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