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Our Best Cheap DIY Deodorant For on Budget Days

Our Best Cheap DIY Deodorant For on Budget Days

DIY Deodorant

Working eight hours a day plus working out or meeting up with a friend is almost hard to pass without a deodorant especially if you aren’t comfortable with going free. At the end of the year and looking back to your bank account statement, you find yourself spending tons of money on those sweat products. Sometimes you may fill in a tough situation where you need to watch out for your expenses and go on a budget for a while that is when you need a DIY deodorant. You need to let go for some luxury, you may use less amount of makeup, let go of eating outside, skip those events and partying with friends but you can’t limit your deodorant usage or go free (for your look and humanity sake maybe). Going for less-quality products that may harm your skin or health isn’t an option.

…. especially those antiperspirants products

Our skin is an output organ which means it absorbs and secrets fluids to keep certain kinds of balance in the body, so sweat is a totally normal process that you shouldn’t try to avoid or get intimidated about. Each one has a certain body scent that can play a significant rule in attracting the other side, but what may make you uncomfortable or spending a whole budget on these products is the living bacteria under your armpits, blocking sweat with any kind of antiperspirants especially the once which contain aluminum or alcohol might affect your health.
There isn’t an actual relation between antiperspirants and developing breast cancer, but it is still an important process your body needs to get rid of waste products and embrace a certain balance. Read more about that here.


DIY Deodorant


The natural deodorant trend

For about two years or so, natural deodorant conquered the cosmetics field with tons of products you have to choose between and you can’t just pick one and go for the rest f your life, you need to keep experimenting more than one which will ruin your budget for sure. According to Theeverygirl.com, we have discovered some of the best natural deodorants that many women swear by and gave great feedback.

DIY Deodorant


BUT, if you are experiencing a tuff stage through your life, it is the end of the year, and you have many things to purchase from gifts to save up some cash for the next year, paying late pills or hold on to the year plan before December ends. Cut down your expenses and use less amount of deodorant with this DIY one.

Our best DIY deodorant for sticky days…

It is a good solution for meeting up with a friend, go shopping or a quiet day at work. We won’t lie and say it is good for a vigorous workout session but still, cover clean fresh armpits for serene times…

Start with clean armpits: Wash the area very well with unscented soap or shower and if you have more time apply any kind of scrub you like for five minutes or less. Wash it well with lukewarm water and dry with a cotton towel.

Time for some freshness: Grap a medium-size lemon and cut into half, rub each one on your armpits and leave it till dryness. It won’t take more than a minute. Lemon has great anti-bacterial properties that diminish that stinky bacteria and cut down the bad odor (enjoy your dry time).

Feel comfy and light: After the lemon has dried up, cover your underarms with a good amount of white starch or baby powder. Leave it for more two minutes, starch or talcum powder will absorb any moist to keep the place dry and clean.

Finish things up with one touch: Wash the area with lukewarm water and end with a cube of ice to close your pores, dry with a cotton towel and you ready to go gurl.

Don’t ever apply it or any kind of deodorant on hair (if you want nice white armpits!), applying any kind of deodorant or even moisturizers on hair will cause dark circles. That is because the bacteria living beneath hair will interact with any material you add causing not only bad odor but also unwanted appearance ( in case you like to show your beautiful shoulders).

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You may think it will consume much time with tons of steps, but it won’t take more than fifteen minutes. It still worth the time (especially if you want to look after your health and save some cash for sure), it gives you a sense of freshness and also does a marvelous job in lightening any dark places you might have in that area.

What is your miracle budget deodorant for sticky on budget days?

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