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Our Guide to Embrace Daily Mood Swings

Our Guide to Embrace Daily Mood Swings

Mood Swings

With our packed and busy daily life experiencing bad mood or mood swings once awhile is something that most of us pass through these days, it is something that affects a healthy living and following happy balanced life in each aspect. When you mention mood sings at any level all what come to mind that it is some kind of mental illness or mental disorder, but the fact is the way we stress ourselves and run between tons of tasks and work at one time will eventually drive us to that pass.

We can’t even separate our work life form the personal time that each normal person should enjoy, this won’t affect your emotional and physical health only at some point you might go through burnout and you won’t be able to proceed a certain level of productivity through your life. The way most of us can’t separate things out and set an organized healthy lifestyle to follow is putting us in the risk of continuous bad mood, depression, and of course anxiety. As we keep continuing our #CARE.INSIDE.OUT challenge we knew that seeking our happiness and embracing these dark moments of bad moods is a must.

Today we are going to share our best and ultimate ways to get over mood swings…


Follow mindfulness in your life

It is hard to have a well-balanced life without finding some calm and relaxing time for yourself when you can recharge again to keep things on the right track. Practicing yoga or any mindful exercise is a way that can help you with a healthy emotional response which considers something vital to avoid stress and those sticky situations that may make you feel bad and switch your mood suddenly (nothing worse than that!!). You can devote at least five minutes a day for practicing any kind of meditation you like, it is better to set that day in the morning ( if you a morning person!) or you can practice at work in your lunch break if are busy and don’t have time in the night. Once you set that habit in your daily life, you will stick to it as a vital thing in your lifestyle just don’t forget to keep us up with the changes.

Mood Swings

Get a perfect amount of sleep

Our needs can’t match, each of us has their own life follow and requirements if you like to sleep a lot then you need to satisfy your body with a moderate level at least seven hours a day. Life can get busy and you find yourself caught up in much work and hassles, it is OKAY but don’t let the ABNORMAL turns into a HABIT. It is fine to go to bed at 12 or even 2 AM once or twice a day, but other than that turn all the lights out and be in your bed at 11 or so. Getting enough amount of sleep to feed our mind which in returns keeps balanced and important secretions and stimulations of hormones and chemicals that help you to relax having a happy and normal day. There are many sleeping habits that we think it is normal, but it affects the way we sleep badly.

Mood Swings

Mind your diet

Easy thing right!! The solution is just in front of you, only make things harder to yourself. Following healthy and well-balanced eating habits will satisfy your senses for sure, but moreover, it will provide your body with certain chemicals and substances necessary to avoid mood swings. Forgetting your meals and staying hungry for lots of time will affect your emotions and eventually, you will be angry, stressed, and the worst that you might figure out that is your case which keeps the bad mood going for hours. Sitting an alarm for every meal isn’t a hard thing to do, we won’t even bother you with installing app!! If you hunger yourself intentionally to lose weight or get a perfect shape then you are absolutely in the wrong track and the mistake is in the types of food you are eating. More unhealthy fats and sugar will make you starve sooner, so if you want to stay in good shape and good mode of course!! Check our ultimate guide for healthy eating, nothing easier!!

Always hydrate

Our editor Chimaa Jwsk has proved her case on drinking 8 glasses of water a day. “I always forget drinking water and I have tried many ways to keep hydrating until I decided to keep the water in my hand wherever I go. Drinking enough amount of water has definitely changed the way my life is going not just physically but emotionally as well. I was amazed by the results from better skin to shinner hair, improving digestion, better breathing, and most importantly better mood. I realized that when I was drinking less amount of water I was always tired, angry, and unable to breathe normally.”

Get some self-care, please!!

Self-care isn’t just about dipping yourself into a bath soak, do facial, or having an intensive care routine. As long as these things important for celebrating your lovely body, beauty, and relax a little bit. Taking self-care with your mind and emotions is also as important as that to overcome mood swings. We go through a lot each day whether on a professional or personal level we all need to take these feelings and thoughts out of our heads and not just through away, on contrary we need to figure and analyze those inner goings. If you don’t have a real friend or partner that really care for you to share all this with, there is no wrong to see a therapist. Can’t afford a therapist, then enjoy your treasure of writings and diaries who knows, you can punch of inspiring posts and article ideas you may want to share with us!!

Sharing these ideas and thoughts with yourself help you to understand what is going inside, what bothers you, what you want to have, and more importantly how to handle your life and all the emotions you are going through so don’t underestimate these feelings, don’t through away, and please don’t avoid or ignore because they will pop up in your face eventually.

Mood Swings

Get the real-life experience

Again social media! It is a thing that we discuss at wide-scale here in girlsinsights as long it benefits us at a very wide scale, it affects our emotions on a wider scale, yes we can say emotions. These pictures, words, and videos only target our emotions you see something beautiful and you want to have, you see a friend status and you may get jealous (it is an Instinct) you see something sad and you are also sad. Apply these conflicted emotions on every second 24/7 can you give a reason why mood swings hit you! Unplug at least for a day, through all these tables, mobiles, laptops away and enjoy your real life, soak your body and soul into real people that you can actually feel and see face to face they shouldn’t be people you know just go around your town and explore new things, it is something that really underrated.

How sad to know that our emotions have been electrolyzed, each of us needs some time to get in touch with their real selves without taking a photo for a while, especially we women we get infected a lot with these unstopped trends for shape, food, fashion, and life. Enjoy a life you create and distinguished with each part of it for at least a day.

Mood Swings

It is a really amazing week to discover yourself more and more, keep us in your track and share your changes with us. Email us, share, or pin with your challenge, don’t forget our #CARE.INSIDE.OUT

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