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Pimples on Face During Pregnancy | Causes and treatment

Pimples on Face During Pregnancy | Causes and treatment

Acne Pimples During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the best period in women’s lives, but you might face many internal and external changes some of them you can deal with while others cause you serious problems. Pimples on face during pregnancy is a very annoying thing that affects your psychological state, many women don’t know how to deal with while others do it the wrong way.

Around 50% of pregnant women experience acne pimples at some stage during pregnancy and it is far away from acne that you might have dealt with through teenage days. To a pregnant woman, there are many restrictions that you need to keep away from, It is important to understand how your body develops these disturbing pimples in order to deal with in the right way. The last thing you need during that hormonal time is dealing with a bad appearance that makes you depressed about the whole period. Dealing with ance while being pregnant won’t be hard if you followed a healthy lifestyle mainly depending on your self-care which gonna boost your mood to enjoy your pregnancy glow.

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Acne Face Wash

How Your Body Develops Pimples on Face During Pregnancy

Acne forms when the Sebaceous glands in your skin start to secrete sebum, a waxy or oily matter, that clogs your prons with dirt and dead skin. During pregnancy, you experience hormonal changes and imbalance, as your body produces a high amount of estrogen and progesterone also testosterone and androgen.

These hormones play a significant role in the excessive production of sebum, on the other hand, they have an important role in stabilizing the pregnancy and support your baby growth. Not to mention their help in directing nutrition to Placentia to ensure the baby’s survival.

Changing in the amount of circulating blood and insulin hormone during pregnancy also one of the leading causes of acne pimples. Acne that appears during the first termister of pregnancy may disappear during the third termister while in some cases, the hormone androgen that produced through the third termister may increase the acne appearance.

If you didn’t get acne pimples in the first termister of pregnancy, it is most likely that you won’t get it in the next two termisters.

Best Ways to Get Rid of Acne

As a pregnant woman, you have to be careful with everything, for example, you can’t take any medication without asking your doctor and you need to watch out for your diet to have a healthy pregnancy. Here is some restriction on what do and what to stay away from that can help you dealing with that disturbing acne:

  • Avoid oral prescription acne drugs as they cause serious birth defects, also stay away from prescriptions that contain tetracycline and doxycycline as they lead to bone and teeth abnormalities in the fetus. You can use antibiotic creams with erythromycin or clindamycin instead, but also make sure to check with your doctor first.


  • Use gentle acne face wash free from oil with exfoliating materials to clean your pores from clogs and dead skin.


  • Use warm water instead of hot or cold water, as it will open pores and let the cleanser seals to them in order to clean your face properly from all bacteria.


  • Dry your face with cotton towels or bads, as they don’t irritate your face or rub acne. also, make sure to change it every day to avoid bacteria.


  • Use cotton pillows and sheets and keep in mind to change them every week.


  • Drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated and stay away from any drink filled with caffeine as they increase acne formation.


  • Moisturize your face with serum or oil-moisturizer, use a very little amount to not block your pores.


  • Always use sunblock whether you are at home or out through the day and it is better to avoid any sun exposure.


  • Wash your hair regularly o get rid of any oil build up that might contact with your face and increase acne pimples.

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Beautiful Skin

  • Watch out for your diet and replace sugar and fat with honey, fruits, and unsaturated fat. Your beauty comes from inside so it is better to follow a healthy diet plan that encounters all food elements.


  • Don’t over-wash your face as it will remove natural moisturizer in your skin which in return will increase oil production and give you more acne.


  • Avoid scrubbing your face as it will irritate your skin and spread bacteria all over your face, go for gentle exfoliating.


  • Don’t ever touch your face or pick your acne, that way you transferring more bacteria to your face which causes more pimples on face.


  • Use some home remedies to keep your skin glowing and reduce the appearance of acne, here are some that can help you with pregnancy acne:

Oatmeal and Cucumber

Two ingredients are high in vitamins and minerals that your skin needs, they decrease the section of oil which is the main reason for acne formation. Oatmeal and cucumber also have soothing and cooling properties that keep your face glowy and fresh. All you need is one small cucumber, a quarter cup of oatmeal and blender to mix them.

Apply the mask on your face for 10 or 15 minutes, then rinse it with lukewarm water and don’t forget to pass a cube of ice on your face to close your pores.


pimples on face


Tumeric and Yogurt

Tumeric is a natural antibacterial agent that removes all bacteria and dirt in your face which will vanish these pimples on face by time, yogurt is full of probiotics and lactic acid which also work great against acne. You need a half cup of greek yogurt and teaspoon of turmeric, mix the two ingredients very well then apply the mask on your face for about 30 minutes. Wash your face very well with warm water and apply any kind of toner you like, for example, rose water.


acne pimples


Honey and Cinnamon

Honey is a natural antibacterial and antiseptic which soothe your skin and clean from dirt and dead skin that clogs your pores, while cinnamon has antimicrobial and astringent properties. Astringent opens your pores to clean them and prevents acne formation.


pimples on face


Coconut Oil

People usually use coconut oil as a moisturizer to keep their skin glowy and soothing, you can use it also to get rid of pimples on face and other flawless in your skin. Use extra virgin coconut oil and apply on your skin overnight, then wash your face in the morning with warm water.

Aloe Vera Gel

Another antibacterial natural source that cleans your skin and prevents acne, you can apply on your skin for 20 or 30 minutes then rinse with warm water. You can also add to honey and cinnamon to make a face mask.


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