My Portfolio

My specialties include content creating (blogs, website copies, social media content), Copywriting (ads, designs, infographics, illustrations), editing, managing websites, and social presence. All of this comes to life by conducting strategies, plans, adequate research, and of course mentoring audits.

Blog Writing

Writing blogs in different niches (Technology, Trading, Wellness, Health, and more)

using the right tone to engage the targeted audience. Doing this alongside implementing

SEO strategies and optimizing content for search engines to attract more traffic.

By that, I manage to land some of these blogs on Google’s first and second page.


Thrive Medical Solutions



Social Media Content Writing & Optimization

Creating engaging social media content that benefits both the brand and the audience by shaping trusted and loyal relationships. This is done by using the followed project tone, CTA, the most searchable hashtags, and suitable for the specified social channel.

Optimizing the content using content strategy and KPIs to measure the performance of social media campaigns. The results are loyal followers, more leads, an increase in sales, and a powerful social presence.


Creating creative content for ads, videos, and designs using content strategy and constructive research to find gaps and points of interest for the target audience. I have been working on several campaigns and projects for major B2B Digital marketing agencies and e-commerce platforms; through this, I managed to create a huge amount of ads and design ideas promoting services and generate leads. Examples similar to this work are shown below.

Creating Website Copy

Creating content for several websites in different niches (Business, Tech, Gaming, and Skincare). My last project was with a B2B website offering E-commerce services. I do that by doing professional research for keywords, competitors, Trends in the field, and finally generating a content plan. The work done by taking care of user experience, CTA, SEO, and of course using the convenient tone for engaging and informative copy. Below are similar examples for that work.

Arabic School




  • المدرسة دوت كوم

Social Media Content

Promoting products and services on social media. Competitors’ analysis and choosing the right tone to create the most engaging messages.

Brochure Copy