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8 Lifestyle Practices That Might Affect Your Libido and How to Change That

8 Lifestyle Practices That Might Affect Your Libido and How to Change That


Your everyday life is sucking you out running between work with more than one job at a time to achieve your life goals, squeezing yourself at school to finish your college and start a new chapter or even tracking your health in a long training class after a busy day. This sizzling bustling lifestyle must and for sure affect the sexual part and your libido somehow, you go home where your partner waiting to share those incredible moments with you but you obviously feel nothing but lying down on your couch. It is normal but you need to slow down and enjoy your couples time and figure out how to set that balance!

Getting low or no libido isn’t a thing that you want to last and putting more load to yourself by thinking of it instead of figuring things out. The answer is always right at your eyes but you may miss it so we will shed the light on how to treat yourself and enjoy your body.

Find out these 8 practices that might be lowering your libido

1. Stress

The busy lifestyle that we are following today puts much pressure on us, your work life doesn’t out there it may be run even inside your bedroom especially if it is connected to social media and that is how most of the jobs work today. The life ton has changed and we want more and more till we forget our own right in relaxing and enjoying a truly personal life.

You need to stop the pace and have some YOU time, put limits to your work or school life and enjoy the free normal part of your life. To get that load out of you and get rid of the poising stress check our best ways to do so!!


2. Mental Health Problems

Dealing with anxiety and depression also becomes a thing that we get from the unfair package of nowadays lifestyle, such mental issues will affect your libido at high levels. You may suffer that either for some problems you may deal within the right time and who doesn’t!

It is always better to share these feelings with people that care for you and your partner must be one of them, emotional support has a huge impact on your mental health it gives you the strength and the solutions to figure things out. Talking to a specialist might also work your way, just don’t underestimate your feelings and the mental issues you experience because you will only harm yourself.

3. Lack of sleep

Not having the amount of sleep you want is another lifestyle practice that can affect your sex drive, it is a vital process to keep your body functionating properly. It is another side effect of work and that busy life along with stress, staying up at night whether to finish some work, reading an interesting book or just insomnia for those mental issues is something you need to take more seriously.

Help yourself to relax with a nice bubble bath, a cup of herbal tea, or relaxing music away from those unending msg and emails. Figure the time you need to wake up fresh full of energy and don’t depend on that standard 7 night hours sleep if you need 10 then try to give yourself two or three times a week those long hours of deep healing.


4. Relationship Issues

Maybe it is not about your body…it is all about heart and you just denying or avoiding. It is normal to have some downs with your partner, but what makes things worse and turn things to the most intimate time between you two is avoiding the roots. Talking is the solution for each love problem, it helps you to figure if you both exaggerating or there is a serious problem you need to fix whether because of a recent fight, trust issues, or just making your place looks, MISSY!!

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5. Birth control pills

Birth control pills are another daily lifestyle practices that you may never think of as a reason, many women experience lower levels to no libido at all while being on them but they never guess of as a way. It is better to discuss any type of pills with your own doctor to figure if it is gonna work well for you or not, many women search for a different alternative to avoid these side effects whether going natural, IUDS, Condoms or Rings.

6. The way you look

Waking up every morning looking to yourself in the mirror with a look of hesitation and self-shame, gripping anything that can cover your body head to work, go home your partner waiting for you but nothing happens you off to sleep and the same scene last for weeks, months or maybe years. Shaming of your body image is a very common way that affects our libido, but the solution is all about loving who you truly are with all the ways.

Follow a self-care routine, figure new style of clothes, search for some sexy lingerie, do yoga, dance like you never been all these little things can do much difference and remember that your soul is what really matters no matter how your body looks you are beautiful the way you are.


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