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How to Have a Productive Morning Routine As Self-employed

How to Have a Productive Morning Routine As Self-employed

Our body was designed to functionate more throughout the day but most people can’t maintain an ordinary steady routine for the morning. If you a self-employed woman who runs her own business, you must have gone through difficulties of having a basic steady morning routine. Working for yourself is a great way to enjoy your passion in life you don’t have any kind of obligation or restrictions. But still, you have the responsibility of monitoring yourself and your productivity which a little difficult to do at first. Enjoying a productive successful day depending on starting your morning the right ay which is really easy to do but it is all about being committed. You need to put your own rules and plane for every step and task by yourself. The way you start your day affects your productivity all day long, that is why we are about to discuss our favorite tips and practices to have a better productive day as a self-employed woman…

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8 ways for the best morning routine you can incorporate in your day to day life

Know Your Lifestyle

There are many morning routines out there each of them tell you tons of different ways to embrace a better day and life, but the fact is each woman has her own lifestyle and according to it she plan and practice a specific routine, you probably found yourself unable to follow a specific routine although you challenged yourself and did everything the right way. That is why it is better for you to know how your life goes and then set a morning according to this, for example, if you run a blog you might have lots of tasks to do every day and you probably work up late for some nights, so you won’t be able to wake up early in the next day. You may not have time to exercise or watch your favorite show too so, arrange your day according to your needs and life flow and stick to a working plan and a healthy morning as long as you can.


Schedule Your Day

It is hard to have an organized day if you have your own business and work, everything may get mixed up and you probably end up finishing one task or two. It is always better to schedule your day at least a night before, get a paper note so you can reach your to-do list easily and start writing down things you need to accomplish the next day so you don’t get rushed up or confused at the morning, all you need to do is picking up your note and start finishing up your tasks one by one.


Have Better Sleep

A good morning starts with a good night so, you need to have a better sleep at night. Each girl has a specific sleeping routine that she can’t complete or has a productive day without, so you need to have a good sleeping time where your body and mind can rest to function properly the next day. If you have a habit of staying up late it might be hard for you to go to bed early, you can train your body by sleeping an hour early each day for a week to challenge yourself.

Also do some practices that can help you sleep early like drinking any relaxing drink as an herbal tea, listen to any calming soundtrack, practice yoga or stretches, read a nice book, take a relaxing warm bath or change the room and the place you sleep in. One of the habits that prevent you from waking early or have a nice morning is the way you wake up at, most people wake up now on a phone alarm that you can switch off and sleep again you may also tend to check any kind of social profiles while you still sleepy that might prevent your productivity and fill your mind with things that don’t really matter.

It is better to wake up on a traditional alarm and keep it away to encourage yourself on leaving the bed. If you still want to go with your phone alarm disable the snoozing feature and put it away so you can wake up easily. Another thing that might help you to have better sleep and better morning is putting your home in the sleeping mood, when you get closer to your sleeping time lower the lightning into a calming and relaxing mood also lower the brightness of any device you use or turn into the night mood, this will send some signals to your mind in order to make you sleep.

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Change The sound You Wake Up to

Sometimes what keeps you in bed for a long time is the boring way you wake up to, so keep changing the way you wake up with and come up with new, fun, and creative ways. You can wake up to a different song each day and let it related to some vibes and moods, for example, you can wake up to a nice song about friendship if you are going to meet your friends that day or a crazy song about life to encourage you on experience and discover new things for that day.

Let Your Morning Be Exciting and Appreciate The Little Things

Another thing that can help you to be more productive through the day, accomplish more tasks and be creative through life is having a happy exciting morning, the way you start your day affects your mind and effectiveness through the day so always make sure to have a happy exciting morning. Appreciate the little things in your life, being happy isn’t about people or huge unexpected surprises all the time, believe in yourself and believe that you can make yourself happy. You can leave a piece of clothing that you recently bought and excited about to try on the next morning, you can plane for trying a new breakfast meal, you may also plan for trying different styles of clothes on the next day, plan for going to the gym early than usual, plan for meeting a friend, catch up with your partner or even plan for a significant beauty routine. It can be anything that you are willing to do so, instead of moving to another day or night go for it in the morning and start your day with a fresh, happy, and positive mood.


Practice Any Kind of Exercises

You might have noticed this tip a lot in any morning routine and the thing is it is very helpful for anyone willing to get freshened up through the morning, exercises boost your blood circulation through every single part of your body so you can have the energy and positive mood vibes through the day. Practice any kind of exercise you like whether yoga, cardio or even stretches. It is better to practice exercise after waking up directly so you can get rid of all the negative and laziness mood, take a large glass of fresh delicious juice and hit the gym, garden or your living room.

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Don’t Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day it supplies you with the energy to start your day in the full, ready, and productive version of you so don’t shorten your meal on some juice or smoothie go with the whole thing and enjoy what you eat. Eating isn’t only for health purpose, it is also a way of treating and enjoying your senses so don’t avoid or be ashamed of. Let your breakfast be healthy and enjoyable by including healthy and delicious food you love, for example, if you like having cereals on breakfast go for it but try to include fruits and vegetable salad besides to give you more energy and have that sense of fullness so you don’t get hungry very soon.


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Break The Routine

It might be a strange tip for some as we are talking about maintaining a better morning routine, but having a productive morning doesn’t mean to have a boring morning, as we mentioned before keeping the excitement and enjoying the little things help you to have a fresh, healthy, and full of energy morning. If you have breakfast at home, practice at the gym, walk your dog, take an ordinary bath every single morning you might lose the excitement and give up on waking up early as you do the same things over and over again. So instead of following a boring routine, break it once awhile with simple steps and moves like having breakfast with friends for a day and enjoying it alone at a restaurant or place you love for another day the same for exercising, discover new sports once a while and challenge yourself through, practice in the garden or go for a run around the block. Instead of having the same normal bath every single day, enjoy a cold bath twice a week or treat yourself with nice warm bath including essential oils, music, and food you like that kind of baths aren’t restricted for night time it is just a stereotypical way movies brought to our lifestyle.


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What is your favorite morning routine as a self-employed woman?

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