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The Quickest Way to Lose Weight with These 20 Fun Cardio Exercises

The Quickest Way to Lose Weight with These 20 Fun Cardio Exercises

quickest way to lose weight
The quickest way to lose weight isn’t only about being in a good shape, it’s about keeping you in a good health and positive mood to be able to go through your life with full energy. You don’t need to go through a strict diet or vigorous exercises, it makes things difficult which lets many people gave up. If you want to lose weight fast and burn fats but in an easy way you should go with cardio, it helps you burn more calories and also have fun.

What Is Cardio and How You Can take The Most Benefit From

Cardio is the quickest way to lose weight and for people who don’t know cardio, it is any kind of exercise that raises your heart rate. Our body is designed to move and to keep it in shape and good health you need to keep moving, the heart is a muscle and exercising makes it stronger as it delivers more oxygen to all your muscles helping you lose weight faster.

Cardio exercises focus on your muscles through a certain period to keep your heart rate at least 50% of its maximum level. That is why cardiovascular doctors and health care professionals always advise playing cardio. It helps in losing weight, increasing bone density, lowering blood pressure, staying in a good mood, and having better sleep.

Cardio exercises include running, rowing, circuit training, interval training, elliptical and jumping with rope. Swimming and cycling are also considered cardio, the American Heart Association recommends to play cardio at least two days a week from moderate to high-intensity muscle-strengthening activities to keep overall cardiovascular health.

To get the most benefit of these workouts, you need to check with health care professionals on any restrictions or limitations you complain from to know if you are healthy enough to start a new exercise program or not.

It is always better to start with small and simple exercises then increase the length and intensity by time, you can start with walking or swimming both of them are very simple and easy rather than helping in increasing the elasticity of your muscles and strengthening your heart.

Take Yourself to a New Level with The Quickest Way to Lose Weight

Before you start any cardio exercise you need to make some warm-ups to stimulate your muscles, so you do not get any contraction or feel tired when you start. These are some easy and fun warm-ups that keep you on the right track:

  • March in Place

Very easy one all you need to do is keep marching in your place for 30 seconds, start with lifting your knees to activate your hips muscles then increase these motions as fast as you can.



  • Jog in Place

The next warm-up will be jogging in the place, move up your legs and make sure your foot doesn’t rich your hips also don’t let them touch the ground only the toes. Start with slow-motion then increase things up as you go further.


quickest way to lose weight


  • Torso Twists

The purpose of warm-ups is activating all your body muscles and that what torso twists do, it works on the upper part and it is very easy and fun. Fix your foot on the ground make them apart so they can be wider than your shoulders a little bit.

Then start rotating your shoulders back and forth, keeping your hips relatively stationary and rotate your shoulders right and left. Just remember not to load on your lower back to avoid any injury and set your stopwatch on 30 seconds.



  • Row + Lateral Steps

One of the quickest way to lose weight in those cardio exercises. This one works on your legs, lower stomach, shoulder, chest, and lower back muscles. You start by fixing your foot on the ground then go with stretching your legs to the back while alternating with the other leg forming an X shape with keeping your arms in front of your chest then squeezing them back behind you.


  • Squats

End your warm-ups with a tight clean squat, spread your legs to be a little wider than your shoulders while fixing them on the floor then drop to your squat as low as you can and go up. Make sure both elbows and knees meet together while your neck and back parallel to the knees.


quickest way to lose weight

After finishing up these warm-ups, turn the music a little louder and start burning these fats down

Slow Burpee

Slow Burpee is the first cardio exercise in our list, you will do in tow group 40 seconds for each with 15 seconds of active rest in between. Make an arch on the ground with your body and stretch your legs alternately to the back then go up and stretch your arms to the sky, make sure to start with a different leg each time.

After you end the first set, jog in the place with slow motions for 15 seconds then start the next set. Don’t hold your breath, keep breathing in and out so oxygen gets to your muscles in order to not get any contraction and lose more calories.



Jump Jack

This is a very fun exercise you can share with your friends to increase your energy and heart rate a little bit. Jump with keeping your legs apart and your hands up, keep the distance between legs a bit wider than your shoulders. Don’t let these foot touch the ground, just keep your fingertips fixed on the floor.

Breathe constantly and keep quick motions in the track for 40 seconds in two groups while taking a 15 seconds rest of jogging or moving around to keep your body warm.


quickest way to lose weight


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Lateral step + Reach

Another exercise on the quickest way to lose weight it lasts for 80 seconds split into two groups with an active rest between for 15 seconds, Start with your hands up over the head and go for a smooth wide lunge, make the right-hand touch the left leg and the same for the other side. keep this alternating motion nice and slow and don’t forget breathing deeply to burn these fats properly and don’t get tired.

Make sure to rotate your shoulders during the exercise to keep these muscles toned and tight.



Ventral Jacks

Two groups 40 seconds for each and if you don’t feel tired you can challenge yourself and go through without rest, it is very similar to jump jack the difference in your arms motions. Keep jumping with your arms in front of your body parallel to your foot going up and down.

Keep your body tight and firm not loose or flying around, you can speed up your motions if you feel more active. Keep breathing and you can spice things up with some energetic tracks.


High Knee Pause

This exercise might burn a little at first but once you master it things will be very easy on you. Start with lifting your legs like jogging but without bending them to the back, keep your quick motions for three steps then pause one knee at a right angle. Start with a different leg each time and keep altering the paused knee. Do it in two groups 40 seconds at each and if you get tired take an active rest in between.


Fly Jack

Fly Jack is the typical exercise on the quickest way to lose weight to do after the hard high knee pause, it is almost the exact same motions of regular jack the difference is you move your arms away and close to your chest like clapping. Keep moving your legs inside out with fixing fingertips on the floor, it is 40 seconds for each group and you can ditch the rest if you want to challenge yourself.


Bicycle Crunch

Cardio workouts work on all your body muscles and the most important one that needs lots of work and accumulate fat really fast is the belly area muscles. Bicycle crunch works on them helping you to lose belly fats quickly to get this blasting stomach.

You start by laying on your back on a map so you can feel comfortable and continue with the exercise, hold your arms around your ears and bring your elbows to the opposite knee and keep moving these legs out and back. Don’t forget to breathe so you can burn more calories and get more oxygen.

Keep practicing for 40 seconds then take a rest jogging around for 15 seconds and start back again for 40 more seconds with the exact same motions.


quickest way to lose weight


Lunge Jack

You should go slowly with that exercise as you need to keep your motions firm without making any overload to your knees, so you don’t get any injury. Stand up with arms over your head and get down to your keens to form a right angle with one leg and the other touching the floor with the fingertips while your arms rounded to the paused knee or over it.

Keep your motions slow while starting with a different knee each time for 40 seconds then take an active rest for 15 seconds and head up to the second group.



Plank Slaps

The easier version of the regular plank and you only do for less than 2 minutes, start with the first group for 40 seconds and end with rest then start back again for another 40 seconds. Get down into a push-up position then start altering your hands, right hand to the left shoulder and left hand to the right shoulder.

Let your fingertips only touch the floor while your neck parallels to the ground, you can do this by fixing your sight down. Also, keep your back and butt up while your hips as low as you can.



Stutter Jacks

The same as a regular jack but you pause in the middle while you get your arms down, You can start the first group with slow motions for 40 seconds then speed things up to the next group. Just keep these firm motions in the track and breath to deliver fresh oxygen to those muscles.


Lateral Hops

Start with a nice clean lunge to the left and do the same thing with the other leg to the right, the point is to cut a large distance while moving in a quick motions right to left. Only the fingertips touch the ground and make sure your hips are low, keep moving as fast as you can for 40 seconds and if you get tired you can take 15 seconds jogging rest then start up again with the other 40 seconds.


High Knee Jacks

Hands up over the head and start with lifting your knees to a right angle and your arms down around them, alternating between knees each time you start and you can go with slow motions if you find it hard to cope. You only need 80 seconds divided into two groups and if you get tired take n active rest for only 15 minutes.


Leg Raise + Crunch

Another fun exercises to share so you do not get bored, start the first 40 seconds with a deep breath and a new track then put your hands around your ears and raise the right leg in an oblique motion with crunching to the same side till both elbow and knee meet together. Don’t bend your back keep it straight and fix the other leg to the ground.

Keep moving slowly while alternating between both legs, don’t forget to open your lungs to let fresh oxygen in. Take an active rest if you get tired for 15 seconds then speed things up if you can in the next group.


Plank + Leg Raise

Get down to the push-up position and start with raising your leg to squeeze your hips and lower stomach muscles, make sure you don’t raise your legs too much and let your fixed leg touches the ground with the fingertips while the hipe is getting down. Your neck, back, and butt should be parallel to the ground, so you don’t feel any pain.

Keep your abdominal muscles tight while taking a deep breath in and out, you only need 40 seconds for two groups with an active rest for 15 seconds to relax these muscles a little.


weight loss


Toe Touch Kicks

One last exercise on the quickest way to lose weight. Put your hands up and start with raising your leg and lowering your arms tell both touches each other, keep your legs straight as you can while raising them. Make sure one leg fixed on the floor while the other one moving, keeping a the quick motion to burn calories all over the body.

Do toe touch kicks in two groups each one last for 40 seconds, if you got tired, take 15 seconds of active rest to relax your muscles.


Don’t Forget Stretches

Stretches are very recommended practice after any type of workouts, they have both physical and psychological effect.

The physical effect prevents muscles contraction or any pain and injuries that may generate from exercising when you practice your muscles start building lactic acid as a result of burning fat and consuming oxygen which led to muscles fatigue and soreness.

Stretches increase blood circulation after workouts and deliver oxygen to these muscles which reduce fatigue and prevent any future injury.

In according to the psychological effect, it makes you more relaxed and be in a good mood that is because when you breathe through stretches your nerves get relieved and muscles become more relaxed. Here are some stretches to cool down after cardio.


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