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Relationship Advice for Women On Long-Lasting Relations

Relationship Advice for Women On Long-Lasting Relations

Relationship Advice for Women

Having a new relationship or going for your first one is always a breathtaking moment, you get those butterflies flying you allover inside and all you feel is the urge of shouting out loud I LOVE HIM/HER. It’s one of the best feelings one can experience. Unfortunately, that may not last that long, because most of us don’t know how to act properly with their significant other throughout their relationships. Sometimes you get the right person to love and you find everything against you and other times you do all you can to make that connection work but the other side just not get that or thinking you’re just doing fine. By the end of a relationship or even through we found ourselves shuttered and all the happy moments we went through just fading away by the time. In these moments all we think of how we end up like that and why nothing working for us, we feel weak and helpless. But, after going through a long relationship with MANY ups and downs with a SIGNIFICANT amount of problems and obstacles I guess if you in a true relationship that you’re expecting for it to last forever with the one you love you need to work very hard on it. That’s why I want to share some relationship advice for women out of my experience and experiment which I figured the hard way.

Love is beautiful, but it’s hurting at the same time. And what hurts the most is we always want to search for the feelings we got in the beginning. I know the beggings are always the best, but as we go through and reach higher levels with each other we need to be aware that our love will need some effort from us, especially in an era filled with stress and life hustle where everyone chasing their work lives and want to create something for themselves. So, we don’t need our love to be another load we carry in the road, instead, we want it to be a back that we can lean on when things get darker. My advice to you will be all around how to keep your relationship solid enough, how to go deep in it and love the way you treat each other because respect, caring, and appreciation is more important than a flower and lovely words o hear (Which by the way needed as well!).

Get yourself a cup of tea drink and take this relationship advice for women carefully

Don’t lie

The truth is safe! Lying won’t help you to get over a situation or just be more good at your significant other eyes. That’s why you need to be honest to each other about anything you experience. Before you go deep with your relationship if you’re honest about your feeling towards the other side. If you want it everything to just GO WITH THE FLOW or you need a more serious relationship. A thing that most women fall in it and I’m one of those isn’t thinking about the road things will end, we’re happy with the love part and we want everything to go easily without any serious thinking. As we go far we figure we want more, we want things to be serious and this is where things start to hurt. You find the other side of the relation either not ready at this time to take things that serious or just don’t want to that step at all. I went through that, I thought I wanted things to be fun and enjoyable but at some period I want to be a real couple. The thing is he wasn’t against, but he also wasn’t ready and if I talked about that with him maybe things would be much better without stressing ourselves.

I know some girls feel that it isn’t right to take the first step or just through the whole SERIOUS-TALK thing in the way, but it’s your life and you have the right to leave as you want and not waiting for years to live such thing with the one you love. So, before start falling in love madly with someone ask yourself if you’re okay with going for a long-lasting relationship, otherwise, we will hurt yourself and you will hate yourself for being in that situation. You start the blaming between you and others, who’s right and who’s not. A circular that you may not able to get out of.

Relationship Advice for Women

Have other people in your life

The best relationship advice for women who go through long-lasting ones is to surround herself with people. Don’t limit your life to one person that you share everything with. Although it’s sweet to have the lover and the best friend combination, it also adds to much stress on your relationship. You need to find other ways and other people to get off your load with, we go through lots of problems every day and it isn’t right to share all that hustle with one person. You’ll toxin your ground by doing that and you will start fighting on things that make no sense, you need to create more positive vibes around you. This also doesn’t mean to not share what’s going on with your life or if you have a serious problem you’re facing, all I mean is to create that balance. Don’t share everything with one person, because most of the time we found ourselves upset about small things others are deep issues we experienced form the past which we might need professional help with.

When you block all the space between you and your significant other with your daily problems you won’t have time to take about you both, share your love, and figure any issue about your love relation. MY spouse with the first best friend I ever had, I used to tell everything even if it was about failing to polish my nails! But I figured as we became officIally couple and our daily life problems started to take the most of our times together, I knew we had to cut this off and start to share with other people. It’s healthy, especially if you a person who can get stressed or empath very easily and we both are, unfortunately, we decided o share only mattering problems other than that we have all the fun while we’re together.

Put a limit

Because you both decided to go for a long-lasting relationship, this doesn’t mean to just leave things without any sort of planning or figuring out the end. You may last for five years and you still not going anywhere. So, it’s better to set yourself a limit, know your capability. Don’t just think of the happiness you’re getting in the moment and try to create some spectra of your future. Long-lasting relationships are the hardest because you are living and experiencing everything in it together but with less load may be, so when you decide to take another bigger step either both or one of you may end up in hesitation and fear which is normal. So, you better know why you will be in such one. Is it because you both need more time to be certain about each other? Do you want to create some achievements in your work life? You experiencing some trouble which will take some time? Everything has an end, so you better put limits for you both so none end up with a broken heart.

Relationship Advice for Women

You can’t change anyone

Another big relationship advice for women I would love to take very seriously is you won’t be able to change anyone’s nature. We all born and raised with different characters and personalities that we lived with for a long time in our lives, so no matter how we love that person we might not change them. If you love someone and you hate something about that you can’t deal with don’t go for it. Either you love the person all or just leave, thinking that tome will change him/her nothing but lie even if they said so. Although we might be honest about something bad in our personality we want to get rid of, things just don’t go in that way and we end up sticking with which isn’t our fault. Don’t stay in a relationship waiting for things to get better, because trust me after six years things will be much harder and you both have to work hard to make each other happy and keep yourselves lasting. You won’t have the time to change someone’s character because you will be changing as well.

Relationship Advice for Women

It’s okay if things didn’t work

It hurts when you fail a relationship, you can’t stop imagining hugging each other and spending time together. Long-lasting relationships are much deeper with many layers and important life events you both went through which makes it harder for you to forget or just accept the fact it all ended. But we always pass with failures during our lives and all we can do is learning from them. Try to make lemonade out of lemon, give more time for yourself to heal and don’t hurry the next one just let the time do its magic and you will end up just fine. The heavy weight you feel in your chest will take time and your mind will need to more to adapt to this person’s absence. Try to get the most benefit of that time: get closer to people you love, try new things, focus on your career, and create a whole new chapter filled with possibilities and other chances.

Don’t doubt yourself

When we fail somethings, the first thing that comes in our mind is what’ve we done wrong? and the fact is we didn’t do anything wrong, our life is all about experiences from ups and downs. We can’t figure the right thing if we didn’t go through failure. Me and my partner have experienced all kind of emotions and problems through our six years relationship and the most important thing I learned, is always to think positive and don’t go hard one myself as long as I’m doing my best. You just did all you can to make things work so, don’t listen if someone telling you it’s your fault because it such cruelty to do that. Don’t doubt yourself or the way act if you believe that you’ve done what you capable of. If things led to who did wrong instead of how to make things work, you’re just losing your time and hurting yourself with no reason. Don’t put your feelings in place doesn’t deserve them and start a new chapter with no fear or regret.

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