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Our Guide to Deal with Your Partner Sexual Relationship Problems

Our Guide to Deal with Your Partner Sexual Relationship Problems

Sexual Relationship Problems

ED … I know very well that you hear this term every day, whether on television, in newspapers or on social media. It becomes a monster that kidnaps and destroys the happiness of the marital relationship. It is one of the most common sexual relationship problems afflicting millions of men around the world. Although it does not affect women, it does affect them negatively whether physical or even mentally.

Let me tell you that as women no matter what our background sounds like, this one topic is nearly difficult to discuss with the one you want to spend the rest of your life with or even just a casual relationship thing. It is difficult for us to talk if our husbands or boyfriends about Erectile Dysfunction. If we decide to speak, we will launch a ferocious attack by those around us, asking us to endure without even helping us. How many marital relationships destroyed due to sexual dysfunction, although they could only have continued if you spoke up and ignored the situation. Received advice will increase your awareness of what you’re going through.

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Sexual Relationship Problems

We at girlsinsights always believe that talking and discussing any problem no matter how big or embracing, will surely take you to better results. So we’re here to answer all the question that running through I your mind for a better and a happier relationship with your partner.

Keep reading to figure those sexual relationship problems that almost drifting your life….

What is ED and the difference between it and impotence?

At first, you should know what your partner is going through. He may have ED or impotence.

The first thing you need to know about your man’s sexual relationship problems is the difference between ED and impotence. The first is erectile dysfunction and maybe symptomatic or pathological, which is often temporary and can be easily treated if the cause is known. The second is erectile dysfunction for up to six months for a year and may also be for an organic or psychological cause.

How do I deal with my partner who suffers from ED?

Now that we have made clear the difference between ED and impotence, there is no doubt that you now know very well what your husband really dealing with. After knowing the main problem, discussing it without no barriers is a more vital thing both of you must be involved in whether by using the help of a professional or only you both. These 8 steps will help you have a better dissection if you want to figure things out before seeking external help. It will help you set your hands on the key points to have productive results that you can walk through them for a happier long-lasting sexual relationship. Their no shame in enjoying our bodies and sexualities, it’s a main part that completes any successful relationship. So, don’t be ashamed of doing that or feel bad about yourselves, it’s a totally normal thing that you gonna deal with sooner or later.


sexual problems in relationship


1. Don’t ignore it

Many women fall into the trap of being ignored. They believe that ignoring talk about the sexual weakness experienced by the partner and its impact on the sexual relationship, will be the solution. Let me tell you that this increases the magnitude of the problem and becomes more difficult to solve over time. It’ll increase the distance between you both and in a short period, you’ll find everything is falling apart one by one. Try to make a nice environment where you can both set own and discuss it away from any other life problems. Be intimate and don’t make your partner feel like it’s his fault or it’s something that should make him feel lesser. Be supportive and positive, use more relaxing and compelling words to encourage him on taking action.

2. Don’t blame yourself

Many women before they face their partners for what is happening, immediately blame themselves. They believe that the erectile dysfunction suffered by the partner because they aren’t exciting enough or giving him what he wants. Consequently, you aren’t solving the problem, but your self-confidence gradually decreases and they make the situation much worse which may lead to a lame failed relationship

3. Talk to your partner outside the bedroom

Undoubtedly, ED is very sensitive to men. So start by talking to your husband about it. Try to simplify it and remove the embarrassment of talking about it, choosing the right time and place. Many experts argue that discussing sexual relationship problems outside the bedroom greatly reduces the embarrassment between the couple.


Sexual Relationship Problems


4. Don’t hurry!

Yes, this is one of the most important points you need to take seriously. When you start talking to your partner, avoid rushing to charge or attack. But pay attention to the expressions of your partner’s face and reaction, and try to create a quiet discussion between you and him. Choose your words very carefully, and always try to feel that it’s your problem together and no one can take the whole blame. This problem won’t be solved in one night, be patient and understanding. Try to figure his feelings and what he is thinking about, what actions he wants to make, and how far he willing to take this situation.

5. Identify the causes of ED

Not all men suffer from the same causes of ED. Some of them are the result of a disease such as heart disease, endocrine problems, problems with hormones, obesity, some diseases of the nervous system, some surgeries, diseases of pressure and diabetes … And sometimes it is the result of psychological problems such as depression, anxiety disorder, stress, and others.

Therefore, while talking with your partner, we recommend that you try to find out the real reason behind what he is suffering. It may be an emergency and will improve quickly.

6. think about the treatment of ED together

After doing all the above steps, you will now have a clear picture of everything about your partner’s sexual relationship problems. If you feel that specialist intervention is needed, try to make an appointment with your doctor. If he feels like he isn’t ready don’t put pressure on him, instead, try to calm him down and create safer vibes about that Procedure.

7. Support your husband

Try to support your partner and tell him that you are next to him and you will fix this together. Tell him how much you love him and your keenness on the success of your sexual relationship, and continue together.

8. Be honest with yourself

You should know that ED treatment will take time, whether organic or psychological. So you should be honest with yourself, and determine whether you have enough patience for treatment. Remember, whatever your choice, it is your decision and no one has the right to blame you for whatever. If you feel like you have no energy to proceed in a relationship with such problems, it’s fine to take a decision that will rest you both form suffering. Both of you must be welling for fixing things up and do what it takes to work things up. If you don’t have the guts to go through that road which might take some of your time, energy, desires, and happiness you should be honest about it instead of deceiving yourself or the other side of the relationship.


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