Should You Set Relationship Goals? and What Could Happen If You Just Let It Go As It Is?

Relationship Goals

Falling in love might be the most tricky and shity situation we found ourselves trapped in, you can’t figure if you are doing the right thing with your decision and what you feel comfortable with comes only after suffering and experiencing pain, you hear stories over here and there but do you get the moral or the learn a lesson for what coming next, I doubt that!! Setting dreams, putting expectations, have relationship goals does it really make a difference? does it make things best or even worse? should we blame the other for what we anticipate or we only accept the situation as it is? should we turn our backs or take it as a package? Actually, tons of questions running back and forth in my head and I wanted to share maybe you can reach the answer.

Why you set relationship goals?

You always get that question after the first fight, did you set the right goals? did you pick the right person? are you dreaming? why you even doubting? all come in mind when these relationship goals fall apart in front of your eyes you can’t figure who to blame you, them or both of you. Maybe the fault is yours, maybe you should have shared your dreams with at the first date and setting a contract the no one can break.

Can you just let it go?

The answer is tricky..if you don’t have a future, a version for what you want, and only accepting the thing the way it is then you might end up losing yourself. You won’t find what makes you happy, you only give a reaction for what surfed to you, you turn into a robot somehow. The good side is that is a carefree situation, you don’t wait for a thing, you enjoy the moment, but does it lead into an open modern relationship…it is a thing some goes for these days, but most of my network ended up heartbroken. I never imagined myself in such a situation, I always thought that going through all love phases is a must other than that it won’t be called love.

Relationship Goals

Are you setting the right goals?

Wasn’t kidding when I said sharing relationship goals with yours, sometimes we exaggerate in our reaction because we set high or wrong expectations that are no one’s fault it just a big misunderstanding we letting it going worse and worst. Compromising is your relationship maker, it isn’t a war you building a life that you want to make it everlasting. Speaking up is what we need, hiding things deep down-we don’t mean to lie we just avoid some leaps-try to put everything you got on the table hiding behind your finger won’t obviously work.

Relationship Goals

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