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I Sleep Well with Only Five Hours a day and I Became 3 Times More Productive!

I Sleep Well with Only Five Hours a day and I Became 3 Times More Productive!

Sleep Well

For a sleep lover like me, I used to sleep roughly 10 to 12 hours a day when I got nothing to do and solid 8 to 9 hours when I have work or so. I used to give up lots of activities and night outs just to enjoy sleep I AM A SLEEP LOVER, but life change and we change as well. I didn’t realize sleeping was such a big problem to me until I get busy with working on that site blog and creating other out projects, as I am used to sleep that HUGE time I couldn’t maintain a good rhythm for work and 90% of the days I would sleep without finishing up my work. This isn’t a recommendation for sleeping less or so, but if you have a target and you Staggering right and left because you really don’t know how to balance sleep well with work and your physical and mental health as well this is a real experience that you might get a benefit from and I really hope you do.

For me the more I sleep, the less I become productive and able to finish any sited target no matter it is a big one or just finishing up some editing. Sleeping and productivity are a parallel line that goes one by one, according to the sleep hours you get and the quality of it you can control our productivity. There aren’t fixed hours for one to have, that is a very relative thing for me I only could say ‘good morning’ after nearly 10 hours of sleep as my mom can only sleep seven hours and she is all good and vibrant. What really matters is how you get that sleep and how you treat and make it quality time.

I have been searching for many ways to increase my productivity and get done with tones of tasks a day and i knew that more than half of my day is lost in sleeping and that is when I decided to give it try and see I could embrace that time in something worthy and at the same time keep a physical and mental health without losing my mind of lack of sleep and the results turned out marvelous and I couldn’t be more satisfied with how much i become more active, vital, fresh, and of course productive.

Here is my experience of five hours a day well sleep

1. Put a reason for why you doing that

Decreasing my sleeping hours to the have wasn’t an easy thing for sure and it takes lots of patience and challenging yourself, but before you really proceed that you should put ONE important thing in your mind..why you want to decrease your sleeping hours. For me, I was passing through hard times in my work and I had to take my life seriously if I really want to reach my dream and stop fooling around especially with TIME. No matter your reason is whether you working on starting a new job, applying for a hard degree that will need more study and energy or even you want to make each second of your day count but not in your bed! Determining the goal for that decision is the number #1 role in the process it will keep you rolling and hanging out to the target so you don’t lose it or give up after the second or third day. Getting on the board without any plane and just going with the flow will make you excited in the first couple days or week, but after that everything starts fading and you lose the energy bit by bit.


Sleep Well
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Another thing that made me feel like I need a serious change for how much I sleep is my physical and mental health. Sleeping for nearly a third of the day made my body weaker, my body missed that energy and I couldn’t have the power to do anything. My mental health was also an issue, the more I sleep the more I felt unwell with negative vibes all over me. Plus sleeping 9 to 11 hours a day add another hour or so to wake up and start the day not speaking, eating or doing anything. So if you experience bad feelings with sleeping that much time, take a leap and start like I did.

2. Be patient and flexible

I won’t lie and say it was like eating a marshmallow, in fact, it was one of the toughest challenges i put myself in. Imagine you break the base of your say, that is why changing from 10 to 5 solid sleep hours a day. It is a MEGA thing but once you get it, it becomes like any other habit you stick to without even realizing how this happened. I went through many down ad disappointment time it took me nearly 3 MONTHS to change my sleeping routine and enjoy my day with only going off for just 5 hours. The first couple days the energy was so high and I was in the top of rush, excited, and want to see some results but on the last day of the first week I slept over 10 hours and it was on the weekend! I was so angry as I planned for much stuff to get up with, mainly having brunch with my partner that was really looking forward to celebrating the first week of the challenge.

Through the first whole month, I was really pushing myself to the limit and the only thing that helped to keep going was my target but aside that I started to look like a mummy but on the physical side I become more active and productive. By the second not too much changes and I had some down times where I sleep for 9 or 11 hours a day, I was missing that much time of sleeping and I was also running from the anxiety of life and work. For those down times, I didn’t let it go, I kept remembering myself for what I want to reach and how this will change my lifestyle entirely. By the end of the third month, everything was going clearer and I couldn’t handle that much sleep I even had the ability to wake without an alarm ( I know impressive!) The one thing that really made me happy that I had the ability to start my day right away not waiting for an hour or so to say a word or starting the day. So, don’t give up on the next try and remember this might not be for you. If you really feel a difference with changing your sleeping habits then go with it and take as much time you can to NAIL it.


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3. Sleep well is all about quality time

That experience learned me much about how wrong I was understanding the meaning of sleep well. It is not just about having nice dreams, turn off the light, a kiss before bed or having the regular solid 8 hours of sleeping everyone believing in. This is all about creating a quality time before bed and while you drowning in the world of dreams. As I said I used to sleep 10 to 9 hours a day, but lots of times I used to wake up tired like I have been fighting or I wasn’t even sleeping and I knew that I was making a huge mistake to the best thing in the world that i honored all my life. Sleep is a mandatory thing if you don’t sleep you die so you should treat it respectfully and get the most benefit of. It doesn’t only help you to relax but it also elevates your physical, mental, and beauty aspects too. If you get it wrong you will miss a lot in your life without even knowing.

  • The first thing that you should apply for a quality time sleep is enjoying it at night sleeping when it is evening and dark, this is the true time our body created to relax and restore its energy in aside the secretions and essentials operations body make, growth hormone among its secretions that helps us to build muscles and lose weight! As self-employed and blogger, I wasn’t committed to a specific time for waking up like 7 in the morning, so I would stay up for 2 on the morning or so to finish work then go to bed and wake up like 10 or 11 in the morning and that is how I thought my lifestyle should change if I really want to make a difference. Sleeping in that period of da made me tired all day, uncomfortable, and always feel like I need more sleep no matter how much I get. Sleeping at night made a huge difference in my body from all aspects you can imagine..I became much comfortable, happier, and lost some abdominal fats (how great is that) You can read more about the importance of night sleep here.


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  • The second thing is that you should care for is getting ready for sleep, consider like a date with your bed that you should be ready for physically and mentally. Ditch any social media interference before going to bed, make the lights warmer if you have the ability or decrease the amount of light in your apartment. Close your phone and if you can’t wake without an alarm, use one of those old fashioned ones…they’re efficient and will give some nostalgic vibes to your room as well, l love their colors they are so bubbly and fun, I got one with baby blue and I like it around the room. Read something that makes you calmer and relaxed like a poem or classic novel, cuddle with your partner or enjoy a lovely romantic talk before falling asleep it will make you feel much better in the morning and you will close your eyes on something beautiful.


  • Avoid, pan, stay away, ditch, and degrade night eating it is really a disaster. This is another bad habit I used to do before sleeping and the next day in the morning I get not thing but bloating and bad mood not to mention how badly I went through digestion problems. You can read more about that in my article on how I changed my night craving here.


  • Set a specific time for sleeping and just don’t let things go with the flow, you will do effort but you will keep going back and forth. Again sleeping is a habit and routine you should set specific lines to nail and setting a specific time when you should be in bed at is very important as it will train your mind and body so you won’t force yourself for sleep, suffering from anxiety or any social media night addiction. You don’t need to set a fixed hour, be flexible but smart, I used to sleep after 12 am and since I decided to sleep well I set a specific period where I should be in bed at which is from 10 pm to 12 am. At that time, I know I won’t have any company, I would be finishing my work, and I would finish my skin night routine and already realizing in bed with my favorite English novel.

4. Make your wake up count

As much as time for bed is important, the first hour after waking up is also should be quality time. Setting a fun activity to do right in the morning will make you fly off the bed once your alarm rings. This can be going for a run with someone you love, enjoying a self-care routine that you might not have time for through the day or listing to a new favorite podcast. I love the smell of early morning while everything is calm and fresh, I also enjoy practice sport with my friend and have a nice talk, but because both of us are busy all day we set quality time in the morning to enjoy the company of each other. No matter what makes you happy through the day, try changing it to the early morning and get support from your closest ones to make things happen.


Sleep Well
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These were the most highlights I stuck to in the journey of sleep well, it wasn’t that easy to reach and sometimes I felt this is just who I am. I am that 10 hours a day sleeping person, I can’t proceed my day with this amount of sleep but looking to what I have been today and how productive, vital, and happy person I am..I could say that each moment of this experience count. I was really proud of myself that I had the ability to change such bad habits stuck with me for years. If you have any questions or need any help with your experience, please don’t hesitate to ASK or simply leave a comment…

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