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7 Small Living Room Decorating Ideas to Make It Looks Larger

7 Small Living Room Decorating Ideas to Make It Looks Larger

small living room decorating ideas

We are always bothered by the narrow spaces, because we feel helpless in the distribution of furniture in them, especially if the space has several uses such as living room. The living room mostly includes a seating area and a dining area if your apartment is that small, which requires the distribution of these different areas well. So that the transition between these areas is easy, spontaneous and unimpeded. Therefore, if you have limited space in your home ad you feel like you gonna lose your mind every day as your small toe keep hitting stuff, try on these small living room decorating ideas to make your toe happier and your life easier.

Don’t skip on these easy DIY decor ideas for your place


Enjoy staying at home with these small living room decorating ideas


Replace entree with corner sofa

I always recommend using a corner sofa instead of an entree, as it is the ideal choice for narrow spaces. It gives your area that relaxing cool vibes and you can play with the decoration as much as you want using small cute pillows and lovely rugs as well.


small living room decorating ideas
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Use mirrors

Mirrors are the perfect solution for expanding narrow spaces because their presence gives a sense of breadth. Choose one of the living room walls, such as the back wall of the dining table for example. But make sure that mirror reflection does not hurt the privacy of the house.



Use curtains across the entire wall

One of the best decor ideas for small living room as the width and height of the curtains gives a sense of the architectural space, so it is preferable that the curtains are wall-mounted, not just window-wide. In addition, the increased width of the curtains serves as a distinctive decorative element in the architectural space.



Using carpets

The carpets separate the different areas in a single architectural space. In the seating space, carpets should be available under the corner in the seating area, and under the table in the dining area. The separation of areas in a single space gives a sense of enlargement and contains more than one area. Which makes your apartment appear larger and wider, so from now on be ready to invite your friends over!


Decor Ideas for Small Living Room


Use puffs as a type of extra seats

The puff is a distinctive decorative piece that allows for more seating in the seating area. It is easy to move and store without taking up much space in the architectural space. You can choose any type of decoration you like from the modern hippie one to the classic style.


small living room decorating ideas


Use simple decorative accessories

Because you have a small living room, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy accessorizing your place. It is best to use a few accessories, simple and small when you aim decor ideas for small living room. For example, in the seating space, you can use the books as decorative pieces on the coffee table in the seating area, or simple small vases on your food table in the dining area, planting pot and more.



If you followed these simple instructions, make sure that your narrow living room will give you a feeling of spaciousness, and won’t be disturbed by the tightness again.


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