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Stop The Blame! You are Worth It

Stop The Blame! You are Worth It

you are worth it

Street lights can’t show me, I am sure.
Trying to stay hidden, That’s my cure.
Or close my eyes, blocking the poor
Picture of myself, they told me I am not pure.

Through their eyes, I saw disgust and blame
How can you live without fear and shame?
Even when I see me, perfect all the same.

But, they see me less and less.
Little they know, their loss is my bliss.
Argue all you want, I fear only death.
MY voice will be heard, until the last breath.
Enjoy the last word, your theory is my myth.

Have you ever went to buy new clothes but never found your size? Went to school with the same shirt every day for a week? Felt eyes on you cause you didn’t change the same shirt in a week or so?

My dear, you are not alone. People tend to blame us for looks, makeup, and clothes. The society wants us to be cloned from each other as if we are not good enough as we are.

But that’s it. It’s time to stop the blame.

For every young girl and woman out there. Go out enjoy your life. Whatever your size is, whatever you wear. A whole new outfit from Zara or boyfriend jeans you wore for the past two months.

This is your body, Your life, and Your choice.
It’s time to stop the blame, and here’s how…

Stand up for yourself

Silence won’t lead you to anything, except shame and more humiliation. Fear is blocking you. It is what made people talk in the first place. Raise your voice! Say No. Tell them they are wrong. Tell them that you accept yourself the way you are, remind yourself that you are worth it and encounter yourself esteem. Don’t blame yourself on anything. You are not to blame.

you are worth it

Talk to others

It’s important to talk to people about body shaming. Especially young women and men, whose vision of looks and beauty is not completely formed. Body shaming is not only a way of bullying. No, it became a culture nowadays. A culture that humiliates those who weigh less or more.

you are worth it

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Make your own clothes

It’s ok if you couldn’t find cute clothes in your size. Make them!! Yes, you heard me right. You can make your own designs and outfits. Today with Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube tutorials nothing is impossible. There are a lot of tutorials on how you can make your own clothes and also renew your old ones. Also, there are videos for small budgets. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? !! Don’t give up to circumstances. Make up your own!

It’s your choice…it’s your decision

Being fat or overweight is nothing to feel bad about, not more or less. You lose weight because you want to live a more healthy life. Happiness is a choice, and being slim is not included. You should be healthy. Lose weight, but do it the right way. Not because someone sick made fun of you. That’s blackmail!

Stop the blame.
You are worth it.

Remember you worth it…Share your thoughts or connect us through email, we will love to hear from you.

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