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Stress Relieving Foods You Should Be Eating Right Now

Stress Relieving Foods You Should Be Eating Right Now

Stress Relieving Foods

Food is the first choice to come in mind when we’re stressed or in a bad emotional and mental state. You can only imagine yourself in the kitchen snacking on chips and soda or you just making yourself an order for a juicy fatty burger. The effect of that tasty food runs in our blood to send signals of joy and happiness everywhere, but once the last bite comes to an end you start feeling disappointed again with some guilt at the end. So, if you could find some foods that can make you happy and strip out that annoying guilt feeling you get after eating you will for sure hit one of the best problems you face every single night. Stress relieving foods don’t have to be boring or take longe time in the making process when we’re stressed we aren’t in the mood of baking and cooking, We just want a bowl of food, lay on our couch and have some quality time away from any attempt of thinking or going deep to our thoughts which cooking will take us through (well, at least me!).

Get ready for a grocery shopping to get your best stressrelieving foods


If I’m stressed out and I don’t want to think of anything work or relationships related, I get myself a large bag of Cheetos and chips and I snack on them while watching my favorite cartoons. I love the taste of salted crunch bites that dissolve in my mouth and help my body to reals big punch of oxytocin. So, if we want to get a healthier replacement for this version nuts will be the best choice to go with if you like salted crunchy bites like me. They are a great source for vitamin B which plays a crucial role in reducing your stress. You can go for any type you like, but if you suffer from high blood pressure when you get stressed out nuts like pistachio, almond, and walnut will lower the level of blood pressure. As well as, nuts are rich in a very other important mineral called magnesium which also helps in managing your anxiety that always comes along when we are stressed.

Stress Relieving Foods

Oily Fish

Stress relieving foods won’t focus on snacking only, sometimes we need a heart oily meal to feel good and satisfy our hunger as well and that’s when you go for easier solutions like fast foods or oily dishes. Things that won’t take much time to be finished. Oily fish is a much better replacement because you won’t have to deal with the later stomachache or heartburn after eating light satisfying food as fish. Salmon is an oily rich fish, takes no time in cooking and can’t be made with lots of delicious hearty recipes. Other options may include mackerel, herring, tuna, halibut or sardines. They’re all rich in omega-3 which helps with your depression and bad mood related to stress. If you search for more vegan options with the same benefits, seaweeds will be good.


Not only they make you feel good by just looking at, but they also taste delish as well in a way you can never complain about. A bowel with a variety of berries along with a fun book to read will take you into another dimension filled with your imagination tp forget about any stressing situation you’re dealing with in your life right now. It’s a good source to reach if you craving for something sweet besides being a very easy solution to control your blood pressure and take down all the loads you might be going through at the moment. Strawberries, blueberries, red berries are all delicious ways to satisfy your sweet touch without going for other unhealthy solutions like a piece of cake or scops of ice cream.

Green Veggies

Green veggies like broccoli, kale, spinach, and lettuce are some of the best stress relieving foods you can reach when you not feeling in a good mood. That’s because they’re rich in vitamin C which helps in regulating your blood sugar levels leading to control of your anxiety, depression, and stress by the end. That’s because vitamin C plays a significant role in lowering cortisol levels in your blood which responsible for stress and discomfort you’re experiencing and replace with epinephrine so you can be more relaxed. You shouldn’t go for green veggies only if you aren’t a big fan of, you can incorporate with other foods to balance your meal and get yourself eating them.

Stress Relieving Foods

Milk and Yogurt

Both are great ways to relax, I like to drink a cup of warm milk mixed with a teaspoon of honey each night before I go to bed. It helps me to relax and fall to sleep faster. During the day, if I am feeling nervous or experience any kind of stomachache i will rich a cup of plain yogurt. That’s because of they both rich in vitamin C that we found in other vegan options like the green ones we have talked about earlier. So the next time you’re stressed and can’t stop the overthinking process in your head while trying to fall asleep, get yourself a nice glass of warm milk and sip on it while relaxing in your cozy warm bed.

Stress Relieving Foods

Dark Chocolate

Who hates chocolate!! It’s the best sweet food for me in the whole world. But we can’t over-consume because we don’t want to develop fats or breakout by any means. So, we reach less side-effected solutions like dark chocolate which is a great source for anti-oxidants. But what it does as one of the top stress relieving foods is lowering the hormones that could stress and put you in a bad mental and physical states that might ruin your whole day. Make sure to crave on a cube or two every day to put yourself in the right positive spirit.

Whole Grain Carbs

As long as we run for hearty food and crunchy salty snack the moment we get stress or depressed, carbohydrates is another type of food we love to fill our body with. Like a bowl of cheesy pasta or spicy noodles, you can crave them as long as you won’t but instead of consuming the ordinary type of carbs go for whole wheat options like brown rice, brown bread, whole-wheat pasta. Both types of carbohydrates will induce your body to produce more of the serotonin hormone which leaves you in a good mood and reduces the stress. But healthier options like whole grains will leave you mentally happy and will supply you with a punch of nutrients you need throughout your day. So by that, you kill two birds at once without left guilty or stressed.

Citrus Fruits

We mentioned vitamin C many times as we went throughout the post, so we couldn’t finish it without mentioning one of the highest sources of vitamin C which are citrus fruits like orange, mandarine, lemon, and grapefruit. You can eat or consume one of these daily at any way you like whether in your smoothie, in a tea or just snacking on. It will supply you with the right amount of vitamin C you need to balance your mood to avoid in swings.

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