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11 Summer Books to Read on Your Next Vacation

11 Summer Books to Read on Your Next Vacation

Summer books to read

Lying by the beach (or pool, vibes what matter!) with a fruity cocktail, enjoying the sun, and get your tan.. anything missing? Maybe fun summer books to read to complete the mantra and get your imagination wide open is all what you need, you may have enjoyed your time with friends chatting or feeling the cool water but you can’t miss that fettle without creating your own vacation story putting yourself I the place of your favorite character of the novel whether it is a romantic gurl living by the beach and happen to meet the love of her life or a suspected criminal in the middle of an exciting crime novel that you can’t put it down.

Grab your suitcase, set a room for some novels to feel the paper and get all the senses while reading, pack your favorite sunnies, and of course your lovely sunhat to enjoy the moment or simply get the vibes in the next park or within your apartment terrace…whatever you can get just enjoy these unforgettable that days that we wait for every year.

11 summer books to read or ‘maybe’ back for your next vacation

The Pisces by Melissa Broder

What is better than a romantic novel to enjoy while lying under the sun enjoying the blue water breeze, The Pisces one of the best summer books to read on our list and gives you the exact vibes you need for that place while a woman falls in love in a merman (exciting isn’t it!).

Summer Books

Red Clocks by Leni Zumas

If you enjoyed reading The Handmade’s Tale you will enjoy this one, not exactly the same but with a sharp, bold, and funny outline that makes you stick to the pages. Red Clocks discusses the abortion taboo and how it is connected to a desperate situation in the states.

There There by Tommy Orange

One of the best summer books to read no matter where or when you are, There There takes a new angle from which Tommy Orange focuses on the urban Native American experience in a heartbreaking and eye-opening poetic portrayal.

summer books

The Occasional Virgin by Hanan Al-Shaykh

Summer vacations are a great way to explore the world and visiting places you always dreamed with, but if you can’t afford to enjoy your visual and physical senses you still can satisfy your mental Curiosity by reading one of the best summer books to read on our lost to get a look on how two women living their lives in the Middle East. Hanan portraying the freedom and rights of women in that region of the world using the sea as a symbol, a great way to show you how women still facing lots of hurdles in their way.

Summer Books

Sweet & Low by Nick White

If you one of those people who love to reach their summer destination following a road trip you will need to pack a heartwarming, exciting, and full of events book to fill the time ahead of you. Sweet & Low takes place in the southern part telling stories of different people whose lives don’t really look as you may see it.

Ghosted by Rosie Walsh

Sometimes you can finish a book in one sitting only and Ghosted is one of those, telling the story of love and relationships exactly as we live them but still, you can’t figure an expected or ordinary ending to the novel.

Summer Books

Social Creature by Tara Isabella Burton

One of the thriller summer books to read whether enjoying the beach’s sun or just lying by your married friends’ pool, no matter the situation you are in this story of two young women from the different economic status will grab your mind and soul. Both girls who became fast friends one of them get a sudden death and the exciting events become non-stop.

You, Me, Everything by Catherine Isaac

France & Summer! what is a better combination you can get other than that and can’t get better without Catherine’s writings which are heartwarming, fun, and dreamy. You, Me, Everythings tells the story of a woman and her 10-years old son who meet her father ( and her ex) trying to build their relationship from scratch.

Summer Books

Alternative Remedies for Loss by Joanna Cantor

A great novel on loss and new beginnings, Joanna tells the story of a young women who can’t get through her mother’s death and when she started to cope with the situation by working in Manhatten Media, she unravels a secret about her mom’s death from which she started her journey halfway around the world.

summer books


Alone Time: Four Seasons, Four Cities, and the Pleasures of Solitude by Stephanie Rosenbloom

One of the best inspiring and empowering summer books to read if you planning to vacation, Stephanie takes you deep in the social science of solitude through enlightening information that will make you want to go on your next trip solo to discover the world on your own way.

The Wind in My Hair: My Fight for Freedom in Modern Iran by Masih Alinejad

Another empowering and inspiring story of women seeking their freedom and have no fear raising their voice, Masih who has protested for her freedom and right in not wearing a hijab through a social media campaign called My Stealthy Freedom tells where women show pictures of their heads uncovered. She tells the story of the woman behind the campaign and how calling for her rights exiled her from home and family.

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