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14 Tips To Survive The First Day in Office

14 Tips To Survive The First Day in Office

first day in office

It is the beginning of another week at work, but if you are shifting to a new career or following another dream then it might be the most important week of your life. The first day in office always comes with lots of hassles and you probably don’t know what to do or what to say, how to dress and how to build a relationship with your fellows as a newbie. The stress vibes own the whole day and you feel lost, the first day is an important step in your new career, you should plan for and make yourself ready to have the most use of and make the right impression for more weeks and years to come.

Have a Better first Day in Office As a Woman with Our Editors Tips

Have a Good Morning

Evey productive and memorable day starts with a good morning so, keep in mind to plan for a better morning the night before. Pick the suitable outfits, have enough amount of sleep to wake up early so you don’t get rushed up or be sleepy on your first day in office. Have a well-balanced breakfast that provides you with energy and a sense of fullness for a long time, practice yoga and take a nice warm bath to remove all the stress.


first day in office

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Get Packed Well

Unpacking with the sufficient things may ruin your first day in office especially as a woman, so make sure to pack your bag with the important needs, for example, a note to write down what you see and hear, a lunch meal to have there in case no one goes out for lunch or pack up makeup. Have a fully charged phone and if you drive, make sure your car has at least 3/4 full tank.


first day in office


Know The Dress Code

Figure out the dress code of your workplace is an important thing to matter for whether by looking at people around you or knowing ahead by discovering the company website or the personal profiles for people working there. If you can’t figure the dress code, it is better to dress up with workwear that you can feel comfortable, empowered, and confident in so, don’t underdress so people can’t make a wrong impression on you.


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Prepare an Introduction to yourself

The first impression lasts so be aware of how you’re portraying yourself to everyone, prepare a three-sentence summary of who you are and what you’ve done in previous professional settings. You’ll be asked that so much, it will make you sound very confident if it just rolls off your tongue.


first day in office

Don’t Hesitate to Ask

Ask any question comes in your mind, It is so much better to ask when people know you’re new than 6 months down the line and it’s now embarrassing. Don’t be afraid to stop someone and say “I’m sorry, I don’t understand that- can you walk me through it again?” this is better than pretending you get it and then having to scramble around like a nitwit for months later. Also, use language that communicates a sense of group togetherness with words such as WE and OUR. Asking, “Can we do this?” or, “How is our lunch break?” will inflict feelings of belonging and it will integrate your social standing into the company.

Take Your Notes

Things you learn and know in the first day are the things that stay with you for the long terms in your job, especially the things your guide tells you, also write down the names of people you get to know or the team you will work with if you can’t memorize names.

Take a Self-tour

Find where everything is before you need it, go on a quick self-tour to find the bathrooms, storage closets, printing room, meeting rooms, etc. That way you aren’t the “lost puppy” when you need to be doing something.

Make Friends with The Support Staff

The support staff has much presence in any workplace, they know everything and they get to know the latest before anyone else. They are everywhere typically you don’t even notice them so people speak openly in front of them, they hold so much more power than you think and know things before anyone else. Make friends with them, offer them drink or food during the lunch break, they can make your life much easier or much harder and can be a great source of information.


Memorize The Names

Names and making sure everybody feels like you care about them on a personal level are important. You want to build a relationship with your coworkers out the gate and everybody will be pleasant towards you. You don’t have to like them or even like working with them, but it definitely helps. Try to repeat their names while you chat with them or write the name in your note with a significant feature for each one if you have a difficult thing with memorizing.

Don’t Be Obtrusive

Making new relationships or getting to know more people doesn’t mean to be inquisitive, don’t ask personal questions and offer to help others when appropriate. Invite at least one or two people if they would like to join you for lunch, many times there are already groups that go out together and this is a prime chance to click with others hopefully you will get an invite out of it as well.


first day in office

Don’t Mention Your Old Job

You are there to start a new chapter of your life and learn new things, so don’t mention your last job or what you have done there a lot. Just get to know more about the new environment and present your own personality, be friendly but don’t get so close or reliable, talk little and listen more. No one expects so much out of someone on the first day so don’t try to impress them by mentioning some feedbacks or impressions of your old job.

Bring a Treat

The first day of work is always about getting to know more people and build a nice base of relationships, people love sweet treats so why not you bring a nice treat for the staff like donuts or even a baked cake from home. Such things break the ice and spread more friendly vibes around the place.

Be So Serious

As we mentioned no one should expect anything from someone who had just been hired, so don’t stress yourself on the first day in office just smile and enjoy the process. Every new step you take through your life is indeed overwhelming so, have fun and make a good impression as possible. Say Hi to everyone and introduce yourself to build more relations, you don’t know whether you will be working with them or not. Another thing that you can leave a good impression without putting too much stress on yourself is the way you appear in, care about your breath smell and body odor, have a nice hairstyle with fresh makeup on. Come early or on time but don’t stay late or make a wrong move because of your stress.


first day in office

Know The Company Structure

Another tip that you can practice to have a better first day is searching the structure of the company before starting any work, how many departments are there, how many people, what’s the usual annual agenda, etc. But usually, on your first day, the HR would show you this on a PowerPoint presentation or something.


Did we miss something? What is your experience on the first day in office?

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