The Art of Starting Over and How to Create New Road Out of Chaos

Starting Over

Whether passing through someone lose in your life, a break-up, failure in your career, not reaching the shape you have been worked for or whatever the disappointment you going through in that moment of your life you need a starting over journey which OF COURSE not that easy to pass just like the heartbreak you had gotten.

These moment of panic, the non-stopping tears, sleeping in a bed for days you can’t even count, filling your body with all kinds of fat and carbohydrates are a must stage that you should experience.
You need to express that shock and unpleasant times, keeping all feelings deep down your soul isn’t a good thing and you may get into a depression that will take longer time to pass than just bad times you need to accept and start a new road WITHIN.

This article is a supporting massage for all who have gotten through hardens and unexpected periods, for those who should give themselves another change and don’t let life take theme through its hard ‏flow. Each of us has certain capabilities and you need to explore and get them on the surface to start a new chapter of your life.



These aren’t some rules you should go through, they are just some life experience and love message for starting over from some girl who was once at that point…

Your fear is normal

Any dramatic change you experience in your life will bring up fear and some anxiety, but what really matters is to honor these moments and be mindful about what you feel. Always analyze the situation you are in, what you feel, and why you feel that.

Write down in a paper or note in your favorite reminder. Every stage you pass through comes with positive and negative, both can direct you to the road you have sitten to reach the end purpose. So, always remind yourself that no matter what happens through your life you will pass another stage in your dream timeline. This will calm you down to rate the situation and get the most out of it.


Starting Over


Your failure is a must

Starting over after failure has that rise up we always need to adjust our path, you may think yourself in the right road while you really are drifting away, it is a chance to figure your weak point what is keeping you down so you can figure the right order out of that chaos.

Losing someone or breaking-up with others isn’t one the same level of losing a career, and that what really makes a difference in our lives. People are important for sure, we need to find the right ones but also expect to fail at some point that is when building ourselves within should matter the most. That is when we all grow up and realize life isn’t really fair and we must know how to take the punch and get out from, breaking up from your lover shouldn’t be that much devastating it is a chance to figure why that relation failed, what you want, a gate to discover a whole new YOU.

Endings are necessary as long as they soften you and break your back into parts they give you that out of nowhere power to get up again and play it smart with more caution and of course more power.


Starting Over

Don’t open that depression gate

Once you let the way for that depression you will forget about starting over it is a roller coaster that no one can stop but you, both anxiety and depression are nothing but a mental lesion and the only way to fight it is to be mindful and aware about all your feelings.

It isn’t that hard and what makes it way easier is writing down each thing you feel and go through if you really can’t take that step or confused about the situation you are in don’t hesitate to call for help.

A friend or a professional doesn’t matter, what matter is trusting the other and believing in his well to help you and put you on the right course. Depression isn’t a thing that gonna affect your work or relationships it is a life-killer affecting each aspect of your life that you can ever imagine, it is nothing to intimidate as being a thing to open your eyes wide open for and don’t go very deep within.


Starting Over

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