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The Best French Styling Secrets to Get That Classic Look

The Best French Styling Secrets to Get That Classic Look

French girl style

As I said I love everything French especially the mouse-water food recipes. But this piece isn’t for those irresistible dishes, it is for another uncomparable french feature everyone search for and seeking to nail. Many may think that French girl style is mysterious and unreachable, the one way I can answer this question is EFFORTLESS. Most of us spend hours on makeup, hair, and picking the #OOTD if the day while you can save both time and of course money and still looking FABULOUS as you want. You shouldn’t copy a certain style or mantra to get that classy, chic, and sleek allure. There are a few simple basics you can follow to nail that easy French-styling technique.

Create a life-changing look with these french girl style

Work through unfinished touches

One of the most important secrets about French girl style is to look effortless and just jumped out of the bed, but still somehow fashionable and fresh. It is like a cool trick to not look like you spend much time working on how you look it is more like focusing on your own angular, sharp, and Inadvertent touches. For example, if you wearing a white shirt let a bunch of boutons open, tuck a side in or even cuffing one sleeve or both.

French girl style

Wear shoes you feel comfortable

Ballet flat is the ultimate french item you will see in any French women wardrobe, that is because the streets are rough so in order to work your way easily and move through the town all day long without feeling that your feet are bleeding of pain you need to pick that type of shoes you feel comfortable and what better than flats to enjoy your day and add that classy touch as well.

It is okay if you don’t like wearing black or you can walk easily around your downtown, what really matters is to be comfortable and natural. If you like wearing heels, go with it gurl just make sure to pick your comfy type. Oxford shoes are another French-shoes that you will see widely in Paris, it is fun. comfy, and comes with many styles to fit your type. Mules as well is a great replacement for heels to look cool and breezy all day long, especially if you work need lots of movements or you run all day long through the camp.

It is all about tailored pieces

French girl style is all about classic, easy, minimalism, and natural vibes that is what all French women follow when they shop their outfits. Tailored pieces are one of the best items to invest your money in, especially if you want to adopt that capsule wardrobe thing. A tailored blazer is the most French piece of clothes you will see most of those stylish women can’t go without. They are easy to style, go with anything and everything, and the best thing is that they never out of the path. Each time you wear them, you can create that elevating, expensive, effortless guise.

French Styling

Invest in worthy items

Each time you turn your heads on a French woman you see that expensive vibes, are all them that rich? Well, it is not about the quantity it is all about quality and that is what those women get just right. It doesn’t matter how tones of clothes you get in your closet it is about how they really look, how often can you wear them, and most importantly what they tell about you. Investing your money in worthy items will change the way you look 360 degrees, not just the allure around you but the great vibes you will get each time you wear these pieces.

A worthy outwear whether coats, biker jackets or blazers it will elevate the way you look completely even if you wearing this two-year-old denim over a white tee from Walmart you will look like an A+ French fashionista. Statement bags are another great worth for your money, but what matters is to be smart and wise. Don’t invest in one sort of bags no matter your lifestyle is. If you’re a schoolgirl who likes back-bags or waist-line you should invest in a statement handbag or cross bag in case you have an important job interview or so.

French Styling

French Styling

Don’t hide those legs whenever possible

I know that they enjoy those goodness perfect legs, but this doesn’t mean to enjoy yours as well with a wrapped around skirt or a thigh slit one matched with your favorite shirt in one of those hot days to face the heat and enjoy that once awhile breezy air. Just don’t forget to apply your sunscreen to protect these beauties from the burning sun.

Sneak into your mom’s closet

One a previous article our editor Julia Markel mentioned her best-stolen items out of her mom’s closet which never runs out of classics, nostalgic, French girl style goodies. Check out to find if your mom has some and save your money for the next vacation.

Don’t get intimidated by flirty pieces

One of the most features I admire and owner about French women is how they love, embrace, empower, and celebrate their own bodies. Don’t be afraid to show your beauty and enjoy it, it is yours and you have the right to show. What grabs the attention about the way French women wear flirty clothes is how they create that chic, sleek, and natural balance. It is all about the 50/50 ratio, meaning if you wear a sexy dress, for instance, don’t go for heavy makeup or heavy accessories just let everything go with the flow, remember effortless and relaxed.

French Styling

Untidy hair look

That just get out of the bed hair look is what all French girls seek for decades, it is natural and fresh as well great save fro money and time all you need is a good hair routine to stay away from all unnatural hair products and the harming heat as well. Check our editor’s best way to take care of hair routine.

It is all about red lipstick

I know it is a cliche French girl style hack but I couldn’t close the article without mentioning, and I really want to clarify that it doesn’t matter what your body tone to wear red lips. You just need to figure the best degree for you and enjoy those poping tangy lips all day long.

French Styling

Did we miss any french styling secrets? Share yours with us.

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