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The Best Hair Removal Way That We Swear By

The Best Hair Removal Way That We Swear By

Hair Removal

Hair removal is always a vexing process from picking the best way that you feel comfortable with to figure out the most convenient products to keep things nice and fresh down there, we have experienced many ways from shaving to waxing, threading and they all made up sick of this thing. You know that waxing is painful and you need to go for a professional place while shaving well, practical but just for one day or two and you nearly waste two hours four times a week keep things rights. For threading, things aren’t much better it is painful, take time, and not that practical so stay away. We figured out the best way to evade your pain, waste of money, and the waste of time…

Check Out Sugar Paste, Our Best Hair Removal Way

Why Sugar Pate?

Well, when the topic is practically and money-saving then we totally in, sugar paste removes hair easily with pain that you can barely sense, it also a money saver comparing to shaving and waxing. It takes no time, you only need one hour for your legs, bikini, and armpits and you ready to go rocking your world. With sugar paste you can forget about these nasty hair pimples that make hair removal worthless, so are you ready to join on board?

Hair Removal


How to Make it…

You only need three ingredients HONEY, SUGAR, WATER. Into a pan add two cups of sugar, a quarter cup of water, and a quarter cup of lemon juice. Whisk the sugar and water very well then turn on the fire when start boiling add lemon juice leave until you get that caramel color then pour in a jar, let it cool till solidifying and you are ready for nice smooth skin. You can store it in the fridge to use on need.

OUR TRIC FOR USING sugar paste is by softening it between fingers till it turns into a golden paste in that form, it will remove more hair and you won’t feel any pain.

How to use it…

Removing hair with the sugar paste is pretty easy and fun, all you have to do is taking a small ball and spread it in the area then start pulling it off against the hair growth. It might be a little painful in the first time, but once you get used to it you will be the sugar paste beast for hair removal. Also, make sure not to apply it on one place several times to avoid burning or hurting your skin. Be smart, play it well, and enjoy your time with nice music.

Bounce Tips for Better Results

To get better results with sugar paste hair removal routine you need to follow some easy steps to enjoy that silky skin.

  • Exfoliate

Exfoliating always a safe step to make hair removal more efficient, it also makes your skin look brighter and healthier so it is a double weapon that you should use.

  • Use post-Shower

Removing hair after showering is your best way to avoid hair pimples and pain when your skin is well hydrated, all your prone will be open and all these small annoying hairs will be shining that help removing hair from roots and avoid the pain of repeating to keep things clean.

Whatever the hair removal you are going for, you shouldn’t skip moisturizing. It prevents the formation of dead skin which is the main cause for hair pimples, that is because dead skin blocks the surface and shuts those tiny hairs down to give you that teasing appearance which blows all your work away!!

Use whatever suit your skin type, but we all falling in love with this aloe vera moisturizer. It soothes things up and keeps you fresh and soft.

Hair Removal


Have you used sugar paste before, tell us your experience in the comments…

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