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The Best Way to Weigh in This Year

The Best Way to Weigh in This Year

Weigh In

We still at the begging of the year and weigh in may be way far from your mental health or psychological closure, but the truth is if you took some seconds to think are you really starting hard or just doubting and taking steps back thinking you still got time. It is something that most of us really on when we want to start ou goals and plans for every year, we keep saying it is early until we stuck in the trap do you have any clue for doing that, for me, self-doubt is the main feature for that case. Hiding back from starting is something that most of us can relate to, we all have doubt in our capabilities no matter it is on a big or low level it makes us lose lots of opportunities and turn our heads of many of our dreams.

Our main theme for this week is CARE. INSIDE. OUT which concentrates on taking self-care to highest level possible and elevating self-confidence while repealing self-doubt is the ultimate solution for a better living, it is a great way to proceed this year and you can challenge yourself this week to see how far you can go with it. Here are some practices I have been following as a sacred through my life:

Take yourself out of the comparison game

Talking to many successful and powerful women, taking themselves out of that comparison game really paid off at the end. Comparing yourself to others not only will shrink your confidence it will take you away from the road you wanted to walk through. It is a perfect way to weigh in and you can consider some kind of uplifting exercises to find who you are and what you want in life. Keeping an eye on people in your surrounding environment may make you lose yourself you start to like things other people like, practice habits that you don’t find your inner self in, wishing future that belonged to someone else. Instead for following people out, discover who you are and search deep down your mind and soul. There is nothing better to be yourself, forget about these polished Glam photos and fun widely share tweets.

Break into fears

Being mindful and understand your mentality will get you through any emotional or physical kink you are experiencing, training your mind is also another trait to embrace self-doubt and by training I mean always take an action. I used to doubt myself and until now I have experienced some of this in any part of my life, I used to doubt my capability on getting any work done without even starting it and in fact it is connected to something in my childhood as my family used to doubt me and always controlling, besides being negative with any act I was going for. Getting rid of that impact on my personality for years wasn’t something easy and most of us experienced some of that in their childhood as parents say NO more than YES, there is always a doubt in the parenting thing!

I came over that by breaking out the doubt and conquering that fear sensation, once i doubt myself or feel that someone trying to make me feel that I take that as a challenge and it is kind of fun actually to experience how far you can go in your life, of course, you will fail a lot but when you taste success it gives you appreciate yourself and start wanting more and more. Start weigh in with little things, if you doubt that you want complete a morning routine for more than two days set the challenge and let this week be the start to be a morning person to benefit your health and enjoy every second in your everyday life.

Weigh In

Write down your fleeings

You can’t weigh in unless you understand what you feeling, we go through a lot of every day whether at work, school or personal life. Most of the time, we get conflicted feelings and we can’t figure what we go through, write things down make you understand and give you better vision to find a solution. When I am depressed or get anxious, I always write and resolve thoughts I figure why I feel that and once I get the reasons I find the way to work things out.

Always let the door open

Trying new skills and experience new things through life help you to weigh in and gain confidence without a doubt. A while ago I started learning French besides cycling, both of them were skills that I wanted to learn badly but I didn’t have either time or courage until I decided to challenge myself and find if I can really succeed a thing that I doubt and never done before and I guess results were very satisfying. The thing that I learned from that experience never doubts or limits what I am capable of, just let the door and my soul open for any kind of change.

weigh in

Remember that you did it before

Dig into your life and memories and I am sure that you will find things you never thought that you would be able to do, even the place you are in now you may never imagine yourself in before whether it is a good or bad situation. If it is bad you know that you took bad decisions and you certainly doubted yourself and if good well, CONGRATULATION!! you did it right and keep the good work going. Lake confidence isn’t always a justified thing, especially if you have some mental problems like anxiety or you get affected easily with what people say. We tend to persuade ourselves with what we can do and what we can’t without even give ourselves the chance to try.

Today we live in a momental world but we shouldn’t let this affect us and take time to dare, try, remember, and don’t limit our life. Unfortunately, we give people space and right to control our lives, we train our body and mind to be limited while we can do much more if we just give ourselves the chance, this how you can really weigh in through a better year in your life.

Throughout the week we’ll share our wellness tips, but let us know how you taking CARE. INSIDE. OUT is going and what advice you have. Make sure to contact us tagging your progress updates with #CAREINSIDEOUT.

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