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The Best Ways to Style Pleated Skirt for Cold Weather

The Best Ways to Style Pleated Skirt for Cold Weather

You want us to show you how to coordinate the pleated skirt ?! Well, with skirts returning to fashion, especially for winter fashions there can be no better timing to wear these skirts given their great variety with extensive allure you can enjoy every time. In addition to appearing in a million colors, they also come in different materials such as leather, lots of patterns and also different lengths. When formatted you won’t feel constrained, they can be worn with anything …

Pleated skirt outfits you should copy ASP

With Waist Bags

I asked my friend what do you want to know about the format of this skirt and her answer was “How do I wear it with the waist bag?” So there are two options to wear with the waist belt bag, which is either the shirt you wear inside the skirt or the bag is above the laser.



Pleated skirt with boots

Yes, a pleated skirt can be short and leathery, a perfect opportunity to wear with a boot. You can also hide the bottom of your skirt if it is long, and it will look undoubtedly stylish especially with a distinctive color coat. It is best to have the skirt a few centimeters above the ankle.


Pleated Skirt


Pleated Skirt


With Hoodies

For days when you’re feeling lazy, wearing hoodies is an ideal choice and a great way to make the skirt look more comfortable but yet still trendy and suitable for any casual destination. Especially if it is coordinated with white sports shoes.



Wear with Blazer

This look is very stylish and you can be creative in choosing designs and colors. It is obvious that belts are the perfect complement to this style. If you want your skirt to be more clear, you can wear short Blazer. This is one of the closest looks to my heart it can be so much neat and extensive for an important night like a huge meeting or job interview, I also like to wear it if I am going to a play or a classical concert. You can also nail it for an important date night with your partner with awesome heels and a cheer pleated one, don’t forget to play a bit with your hair and makeup match.



Pullovers with Pleated Skirt

This is the first thing that comes to mind when I thought of this type of skirts for winter. You can choose a stylish or casual sweater, which can make you look very attractive. So it can be coordinated with this type of skirt while you can choose between sneakers or boots depending on your style and the occasion. It’s more on the minimalistic side of styling which I’m trying to adapt more in my style.



Pleated Skirt


With Coats

The perfect winter outfit can be many things I must say, this is one of them. I am fond of these neutral-looking looks and it is a great idea to suit your coat and the pleated skirt especially on colder days. Just be sure to choose a fashionable and stylish coat. It’s a more of the bold working woman look to leave that serious impression in the place.



With Blouses

This is a great summer look, especially because of the look of loose and spacious shirts. In winter, you can put a jacket on top of your shirt, or you can wear it if you want a stylish and formal look. Another minimalistic allure on our list for working girls who want to knock their office floor non-stop.


Pleated Skirt


Pleated Skirt


With Printed T-shirt

The printed t-shirt fits into everything including a pleated skirt. In winter, you can wear a jacket or coat from the top, or you can wear a printed jacket as well. It will look fabulous with ankle booties and you can play in the look in order to make it playful, young, and cheerful or you may want to drive it more on the adult side.



Pleated Skirt

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