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The Complete Guide for Our Famous Friendship Goals Maze

The Complete Guide for Our Famous Friendship Goals Maze


Can we be friends?” That innocent question, with a lot of hope mixed with a little bit of despair. This is where it all starts. Friendship goals. A huge part of your life nearly most of it actually.

How it all started?

A toothy shy smile, cheeks with a deep shade of pink, cute tiny nose and a small voice saying “Can we be friends? “That’s when a five-year-old child learns a life lesson no school ( kindergarten ) can teach.

Friendship Goals… It is one of a kind relationship, sneaky, difficult, easy-difficult kind of things. The easy part is when you think you got it, how to make friends, how to make new ones and to keep your old ones. The hard part is when you figure that you actually know nothing!!

I am sorry to break it up for you but you actually know nothing. So here’s what I know about friendships ( God forbid, I know nothing either😂😂😂) But maybe I can help with a little bit of life experience

The Complete uncomplete guide for a friendship goals maze…

Phase 1 (kindergarten to elementary school): It starts with rather a fight over a seat, a hair tie or a mysterious disappearance of your favorite pink pen. Different scenarios but almost the same result.

You become friends with someone you used to hate. So, you spend day and night with each other, matching clothes and birthday parties, EVERYTHING.

BFFs. That’s what you were. Life is quite good and easy just like a piece of the pie, but Sadly, not every pie is an apple pie.

Friendship goals

Phase 2 (Middle school): We change. It’s an important thing to keep our existence. Adapt to different environments, different times and struggles. This is how humanity continues with adaptation and cope.

Except for your best friendWhether you mention it or not, you feel something happens, something shifts. You can’t place your finger on it or acknowledge it, but it’s there. Step by step you feel thin cracks in your bond. She gets to know other people, you get to know other people…and so on.

friendship goals

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Phase 3 ( high school): We grow up, we change, become totally different persons ( well not exactly, but to a great extent)

What attracts us and makes us friends quickly disappears. Our likes and dislikes naturally change. We become the ones we swore never to be and vice verse. A new person with a new identity for every phase we have been through.

We hate.
We love.
We hate again.

And with every single friend we get, every single experience. We think “that’s it” or “Finally, I got it” but we Unfortunately don’t.

Don’t worry, it’s perfectly fine, they call it ” Growing up”. We grow up, become who we are now and what we are meant to be.

Phase 4 ( from college to Infinity and beyond, Buzz Lightyear): You may think you don’t care, don’t want to or even perfect without a friend. Sometimes you think you are strong enough to live a life without a one. A true companion. That’s the difficult part I was talking about because here again, you did wrong.

Friendship goals are inevitable. Just be careful….

This is not a complete guide or anything, because believe it or not. Even the greatest words can’t make you enjoy your life.


This was my Drifted thoughts for today.
Until next time, Everyone😍

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