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The Easy Dry Lips Cure You should Be Following

The Easy Dry Lips Cure You should Be Following

dry lips cure

I love wearing my lips naturally with the least amount of makeup on it, most of the time I can only wear my favorite MAC lipgloss with very teny tiny bits of my favorite nude lipstick. But lips are a very delicate skin part which needs lots and lots of care and inspite, you might be investing in some pretty good stuff for keeping them pink, soft, and juicy the dryness ghost might keep following you whether on a daily basis or a certain time of the air. The thing is lips are very important, imagine wearing your favorite and most precious lip color into an important occasion or event and instead of rocking your lips and take them to the moon, all you can see is your cracked chopped lips taking the whole image. So there is no such product to hide the fact that you don’t really take care of your gentle sweet lips carefully. Lip care cure isn’t only about applying moisturizer and buying all kinds of balms that you can put your hands on. Keep reading to get the lips of your dream.

The golden 8 steps for the most tender lips

Stop the licking habit

Although you might taking really good care of your lips and doing everything right, you still can get this dry skin that makes all the efforts disappear. Well, that’s what happens when you have the habit of always licking your lips. It sounds satisfying in somehow same like popping up a pimple or touching your face regularly which makes your skin more prone to acne and acne scars as well. But the thing with lips is dryness, when you wet you them with saliva over and over through the whole day get nothing but dull dry dead lips. That’s because saliva evaporates from your lips in no time leaving the skin on the lips dry due to the strong harsh enzymes in it that strip this delicate part from all the oils and moist it might have. So, as you stoped that bad habit of touching the face (if you’re not, start now!) cut this of either. It might take some time but keep the tip in your mind and remind yourself with every now and then.

Moisturize from the inside

Water is the life source to our skin it’s a fact and a tip you see wherever you go or talk with whoever, always drink WATER. Your lips are no exception from that rule, It’s even more important than the other skin parts through your body. Lips have very delicate very thin skin especially with the area around it which also needs extensive care as being more prone to wrinkles and dryness. Dry lip cure won’t be solved if you applied lip palms every couple minutes and you don’t drink the proper amount of water you really need for healthy fresh lips that can last beautiful with you many many years. Keep in mind to stay away from food and spices that dehydrate your body and strip from all moisture it needs to be more healthy and young over time. Especially in the summertime, keep your hands away from spicy foods and most importantly COCkTAILS that will kill your moisture.

Eating does matter

Another common tip you get when you getting some educational help for your hair and skin. The same goes for your lips, it is a part of your skin which also needs to be taken care of. When you eat foods filled with vitamins and important nutrients for your skin health make sure that your lips will get better too. Don’t rush to over the counter solutions, start with the basics first so you can really tell if you need the help or you just can do with some loving and caring to your body instead of giving your money away in tons of creams and balms you don’t even need. You can see that internet is filled with all sorts of products, especially those with superfood nutrients inside. So why getting something synthetic when you can benefit from healthy eating from natural sources and get the best results out of. So instead of going for vitamin C balms or vitamin E creams, eat your way with leafy greens and dairies along with lean meats and foods we all love to enjoy our taste buds with.

dry lips cure

Always exfoliate

Exfoliating is another basic dry lips cure you should add on your list to get a tender most importantly juicy lips. When you leave those dead skin layers they will give you a dry look no matter what you add from moisturizers and products, they might also build up on your lips causing a dark appearance that might take a longer time to solve. Make sure to exfoliate your lips twice a week so you can get rid of all the dry dead skin formed out of the daily makeup and external factors your lips come in touch with. There are may good lip scrubs products out there that you can rely on, but if you like a more handy easy way-coconut oil and sugar will be great. Just be gentle and exfoliate in circular soft motions so you don’t hurt your lips or make them bleed. Exfoliating has another pro benefits along with removing dead skin as it will supply your lips with nutrients and helps with building up the collagen inside the skin to make them plumpy and flourishing.

dry lips cure

Moisturize overnight

When I’m out or even spending my day at home laying on my couch with my book I don’t go for moisturizing every couple of seconds, it’s no benefit and you just spending money for no reason because it will go away with eating, drinking or taking your sweat off. It’s good to moisturize at most two times during the day and you won’t really get the most benefit out of them, you can turn to drink the water you need through the day instead and it will be much worthy. What you need is making sure to deeply moisturize your skin overnight before going to bed, just massage whatever you applying on to your lips so you can get the most benefit of. I have that naturally made lip balm with shea butter I bought from unknown beauty store when I was in Egypt and it works like magic, it gives me very soft pink lips. So, it doesn’t matter where to get your moisturizer, or the more it cost the more it will be worthy. What really matters to moisturize and get something that works for you. Sometimes I go with coconut oil only, and other times I just add my regular face moisturizer!

Don’t go nuts with your lip balm

Lip balms are a good solution to moisturize when you’re in a hurry or you spend most of your time out and you need to retouch your lips so they don’t get super dry or dull. But depending on lip balms as a main dry lips cure won’t take you anywhere and you still be having dry flaky lips. The bad thing when using lip balms regularly you’re consuming commercial or drug store types which won’t make that much of a benefit for you, what it makes is giving you a fake feeling of soft lips but by the end of the day, you will find things much worse. So, invest in a worthy lip balm that you can use maximum twice during the day which intends to moisturize your lips deeply and gives it the kind of care it needs.

Invest in your lip colors

We can’t do without lipsticks, it’s one of the best inventions that have ever made. But when we talk dry lips cure lip colors tend to be more of a con for lips especially the regular ones we put our hands on every drug store caring only about that catchy color. As we spend most of our time out whether working or just spending time out lipstick is the only makeup essentials we can’t skip. It’s better to invest in good ones that take care o your lips and doesn’t strip them off, search for ones with moisturizing features and try to stay away from cheap unknown brands.

dry lips cure

Make sure to clean the lips

When you wear your lipsticks for a long time all those chemicals seal into the skin and cause serious damages to it like dryness or even pigmentation, so it’s always important to clean your lips deeply and take any excess of makeup or dirt out. Once you’re at home let your lips skin breathe and tap on the care with a moisturizing massaging to bring life back to them so they keep being healthy and young.

Following a certain routine especially for dry lips cure won’t be that easy as we use our lips in many different ways throughout the day. Whether in creating a good look, eating, or even kissing. But these basics steps will help you to commit to such routine and enjoy pink softer lips as long as you doing it.

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