The One Cracked Lips Remedy You Must Be Knowing About

cracked lips remedy

Shifting between seasons is a great way to change your look and enjoy wearing the favorite pieces you love whether to get cozy up with or just get this perfect sun-kissed tan you are dying to show up with. But when we talk about skin beauty through seasons, we are literally going through bankrupt with all the products and skincare routines we must follow. We also can’t forget frizzy hair through summer or dry hair though winter, but the one thing that really gets affected on a large scale and we always forget to take care of is our LIPS. You may only depend on your lip balm, but if you took a look at our dry lips cure you will get the easiest 8 steps for juicy, plumpy, and pink lips. Although your lip balm can be the only savor for hard times, it might not work through tough weather changes. In that time the only thing that can save you is a traditional cracked lips remedy that will do wonder to your lips.

My NANA cracked lips remedy that I depend on through my lip treatment

My grandmother has the most beautiful skin I ever saw, she used to make her skincare products at home from her garden and kitchen as she grew up in the country. The own recipe I inherited from her and I swear by is her dry lip treatment. When someone meets me wearing not thing but my lips they always ask how I get my lips so moist and tender and the key is only one animal products it’s GHEE. It might be not that appearing to some, but I grew up eating with it and love it. It doesn’t smell that bad though even if you not used you.

The only thing that I do is rubbing a tiny bit of ghee on my lips and massage it for a couple of minutes then I leave while reading or watching something before I go to sleep. I make sure to rinse it off and apply any kind of lip moisturizer I like, I don’t prefer lip balms at home, then I go to sleep and I wake up with a pink-ish baby. I don’t leave it overnight because ghee is a very serious type of animal fat that you don’t want to touch any part of your face as you might get serious types of breakouts. It also will make your pillow smells very bad. Make sure to use trusted organic types that you can get from the farmer market or a trusted source. If you’re against using any source of animal products or you don’t prefer using ghee on your skin there’re other cracked lips remedy that I love to switch between now and then.

Cracked Lips Remedy

Coconut Oil

I love coconut oil, I use it in lots of skin and hair routines I even use it for my mouth to remove any bad unwanted smell. For lips, I love to mix it with a carrier so I can get the most benefits. This oil has many benefits like being a very deep moisturizer, great anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, and rich with vitamin E. If you have dry skin with some pigmentation it will be a great choice. I mix it with any essential oil I might have, but I’d prefer tea tree oil to heal any wounds or hurting cracks you might have. Massage on your lips gently and you can leave overnight then rinse it off in the morning. You will need; One teaspoon of coconut oil and two drops of tea tree oil.

Raw Honey

Honey is another natural product that I love to use as a cracked lips remedy that’s because it’s anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties. If you have wounds that hurt, honey will cure them rapidly and help your skin to build up faster so you don’t have to deal with cracked skin, and inflammation comes along with. It also cut off any kind of possible infection that might happen when your lips are cracked. If you from those who get bleeding cracked skin, honey will be a great option to use away from any kind of moisturizing and lip balms. All you need is applying a coat of honey on your lips and leave for as long as you can, after 30 minutes or so rinse it with lukewarm water and make sure to dry your lips gently and well after that. Comercial types of honey won’t give you the results you need, so go for organic raw types of honey and make sure you’re not allergic to!

Cracked Lips Remedy

Shea Butter

This is a great replacement for ghee if you’re vegan or you can’t stand the smell of it, shea butter is a very deep moisturizer as it’s rich and fatty acids. Meaning it will seals into your cracked skin conditioning and hydrating them not only for a couple of minutes but for hours. Shea butter isn’t comedogenic which means you can sleep with it and you won’t face any problems connected to your face and it smells great as well so don’t worry about it. Apply a small amount on your lips cause you don’t need that much, go with it in circular motions and let it do the job.

Cracked Lips Remedy

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel is another cracked lips remedy you need to use when you having dry chapped lips, it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that will heal your damaged skin and repair the worn up tissues. There are many aloe vera lip balms out there from drug store to high end, but they won’t get you the benefit you get from an actual source. I planted my own aloe vera plant so I can put my hands on gel whenever, cut the leaf and extract the gel. You will need; one teaspoon of the gel and one teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil. Mix well together then apply to your lips, it’s better to use that remedy overnight so you don’t get any pigmentation from olive oil during the day. You can also replace olive oil with jojoba oil.

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