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The One Thing That Helped Me To Always Stay in Shape

The One Thing That Helped Me To Always Stay in Shape

stay in shape

It is winter already the weather getting more colder and I started to feel those cozy vibes, I mean my oversized sweater and a large savory dinner while I’m watching my best Netflix series, but I never worried about whether I will gain some weight or how will I Stay in shape in the summer or the panic I might get when no swimming suits fit in. I actually never felt anxious or insecure about my weight or I avoided some kind of food.

It is a thing that I trained my body to for years, eating at night or before going to bed was my thing especially if it was sweets or pasta, I had those belly fats, they weren’t that obvious but I wasn’t that much comfortable with. The thing that drove my for a healthier lifestyle of eating was because of health issues, not a big problem, though that whole time of eating unbalanced food or craving on anything before going to bed gave me a continuous stomach ache, I wasn’t that much comfortable with how I felt and I couldn’t practice my life the way I wanted the indolence was like a bad friend that I couldn’t get rid of.

Thinking of my body and health STANCE changed my eating habits to a whole different path, which also helped me to stay in shape and become a more active and vibrant person. My body weight hasn’t changed for nearly five years and I am satisfied and proud of that.

UNDERSTANDING YOUR BODY is the transitional point in the whole process and here are some steps I went through to keep myself on the road and stay in shape…

1. Feel your body state: Figure out how your eating habits affecting the way you feel not how to stay in shape. You may feel pain or disturbance when you eat some kind of food so don’t jumble the sense of happiness or satisfaction with your body state, that feeling of satisfaction is only an interim thing. When I ate that whole big bowl of red sauce pasta at 2 AM in the morning my mood through the night was unbelievable and the merry vibes were all over me, only for 3 Hours or so, but when i weak up in the morning that undigested food and that disquieting feeling of my stomach was a thing that I couldn’t keep on handling with this lifestyle.

Stay in shape

2. Embrace your body shape: I didn’t change my eating habits because I was ashamed of how I looked or some flaws I might have, on the contrary, I loved my body the thing is I wanted to enhance that with healthy satisfied lifestyle. Focusing on a specific type of food and eliminating others isn’t a good thing that you should go for or keep on doing, it might affect your mental health, not even your body. Eating sweets or chips isn’t just for satisfaction, your body needs sugar and absolutely in need for some carbs and fats, I never preclude any sort of food or made a list with how much calories I should consume through the day or put any limit for that because I like the way I look and I only care for how my soul and mind feel and you should too girl!

3. Don’t be afraid of craving: Dealing with digestive problem and willing to keep my energy vibes all day long with tons of work and goals to finish through the day made me appreciate how I should care more for what I fill my body with, but that doesn’t mean to ignore or slip those craving moments for a fatty meaty big lunch or a large bowel of potato chips at the night. I won’t lie and tell you that I was totally okay with that, I feel a little bit GUILT after but satisfy those food lusts once a while is a thing that I am not willing to replace. Craving won’t let you eat more on increasing your appetite, your body becomes more satisfied in a way that makes you want to skip the next meal to keep enjoying that feeling.

stay in shape

4. Figure your food passion: Each of us has some kind of food texture and smells that make whatever you eat more enjoyable and worthy, finding your food passion well reward the body senses that make you more honoring for your meals along the day. I like the chunky texture and savory food, that’s why I focus on engaging those kinds of food in my main meals. If I am going for a morning salad I make sure it has some kind of mushroom or beans to give it more savory and textured elements, that makes me skip any kind of snacks I might go for just to enjoy my body. As long as you are full of foods you like you won’t think of snaking or craving that much.

5. Train your brain to sense your fullness point: Many of us can’t figure the point of fullness so they keep eating until there is no longer food in the plate or they keep snaking on anything all the day long. I faced that problem for a long time until I figured a simple trick to come over that before I get up of my place or put any food in my mouth I always feel my stomach and think if I am really hungry or I just want to amuse myself with food. When you feel bored or experiencing some kind of emotions whether good or shot you always think of food, so know your body state and realize your feeling before eating ( Make your mind do its job!!)

stay in shape

Enjoy your senses and loved the way you look in all ways, the whole point is to enjoy your life so make it worthy with a healthy and happy body full of energy to encounter any moment you own.

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