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The purest love | The Family Love

The purest love | The Family Love

family love

A warmth like no other:

I hate summer. Most people love it, especially girls. They love the sun, the beach, the golden skin, and the sexy beach curls. But I always hated the heat. The sweaty palms and the 100 degrees hell on Earth. As much as I hated the heat, family love warmth was the thing even in the hottest days her warmth was different.

Was. Is. Will.

She’s everything in one person, the way everything is brighter than normal around her. Colors in every shade. The air is lighter and smells differently. A person, not just you love or need. A person you actually believe in and he actually believes in you back.

A safety.

A heaven.

A home.

When home becomes a person, not just a place, your home lies in between that person’s shoulder, their hug becomes the widest narrowest places.

I am not talking about love or friendship. I am talking about family love.

Love of Family

Untold love:

I bet you never told them you love them. You might say slightly sweet words from here and there, but in a way, you always felt like you can’t say it, as if your tongue is tied down. You want so bad to hug your mother or your father. You might even stand up, walk until you get to their bedroom door, only then some inner voice tells you that you are being silly. That, of course, they know you love them.

Love and sweet words ain’t always there:

” I hate you ” you scream at your mother, ” Get out, ” you say. Those might be one of the most repetitive words between a mother and a daughter. You think she’s overrating things like she lives in another era. Sometimes, you might even believe she hates you. As if she meant to make you look bad.

But even after all this…you still wait till midnight to go into her bedroom, sleep beside her, hug her from behind and cry in her hair that smells like her favorite lavender shampoo and yes, that’s exactly what I am talking about, because whether you got the ugliest places or live in a mansion. It still your home where safety, secure and love lies unlimited.

Dad is always busy:

I don’t know if you acknowledge this or not, but you have a soft spot for your dad, you secretly love him more than your mother. He understands you, gets what you think without even speaking out loud. He is all about fun and outdoors while your mum is about staying inside and drinking cocoa in the balcony ( which is totally fine by me)

But your dad is your hero, savior, and anchor.

He’s your role model and an example for future boyfriends.

Love of Family

Until death:

I am sorry. Life ain’t beautiful. it’s sneaky. It makes you think it’s beautiful, but it’s not.

Because whether you have the perfect family or the ugliest one. Whether you are good enough for them, or bad and don’t deserve them. One thing doesn’t care about you at all.


People die in the end, and your family is no exception.

You love them.

You hate them.

Just stick with them. You got only each other.

This post is for my one and only family…My grandmother…

May death chooses me over you, My dear.

How do you describe your family love relationship?

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