The Right Way of Self Improvement You Need

Self Improvement

Going through hard times is a non-stop phase we keep seeing ourselves every now and then. It might be a problem with your family, going out of a long hurting relationship or it might be a disaster hitting our planet earth like the Coronavirus pandemic. When you’re trapped in that situation, nothing but anxiety and cautious run inside you. You forget what you want and where are you right now. But the good thing is we always want to find a solution and seek option to step on our feet again and proceed with what we have started. Most of the time, that excitement doesn’t last that long because what we planned for doesn’t seem to really work and we find ourselves in another phase of depression and disappointment. Well, the only point that you might mess is you didn’t know about your self improvement that much. You only thought of your target and you forget all the other elements that include you and support you to really reach your purpose. You need to surround yourself with a complimentary mindset that will carry you from one step to another in order to reach the tip of the hierarchy.

We’re leading you through 5 self improvement steps to have a better version of yourself

Figure out where are you now

When we planning a new phase of our lives we are always in a hurry to start that next big step where all of our dreams will come true. W e don’t take our time to put things in the right place and figure where we at the moment. The fear and anxiety to realize your current stage is what most of us go through, we just tend to think of acting about the future and just run from the present. Actually putting a full realization on the place you’re in right now and knowing it fully with all its goods and bads will make the decisions and plans you set to make yourself better and easier to follow. Imagine you ignoring a mistake you’re already doing right now like keep doubting yourself and capabilities. It’s already inside you and you don’t even think about it or try to know the reason you feeling that. When you run from that by just acting upon what you want to achieve through these coming months, you’ll still be doubting yourself and you will lose control again. You will just go in endless circles. Same thing goes for ending a long relationship with hug scars inside you, all we can think about is just do that or start a new one or find new love. We don’t take time to focus on what’s going right now and why that even fails. Jumping out of the window is never a solution or way to seek self improvement and forgetting about everything happening with you at the meaning time. Always analyze the place you are in at the current time with its goods and bads. If anxiety and fear stopping you from that, read our post and how to be mindful of anxiety.

Self Improvement

Realize where you want to be

We all want to be confident about ourselves and more focused, we want to get that shiny sparkly goal. But, we never realize how the process should and will go. The journey you pass to reach your goal is what really matters because once you get the thing you want another purpose will appear and you will forget about the past one. The only thing you can remember and it will last with through the upcoming purpose is what you learned and gained, this is the true place where we should want to be. Being aware and suck on all the things we passed through and learned to carry us through the long paths we walk to get the best version of ourselves.

Set a process of actions

If you want to seek self improvement you can’t just go from zero to ten, there’re series of actions you have to go through. They shouldn’t be steps you like, it’s just a path you need to follow till the end and it mostly comes with hard times. The chaos is the way of failure when you’re more organized putting steps and secondary layers to follow one by one, things will be much much easier to happen. Be organized and priorities your goals, make sure to put steps that you will follow and commit to them. It’s always hard to have consistency and stick to a certain plan, but no matter happening try to commit and do what you intended to get. Our mindes always deceive us by skipping something we should do, it finds an excuse of what so ever and it’s part of the unexplained fear inside you. When you skip on doing things and missing plan over and over again, you brain create a false feeling of fear inside you to deceive you and justify why you can’t do such a thing. But it’s no true if you took the time to think about this you will know that there’s no such thing to stop you from acting upon. The only thing stopping you from achieving the thing you want is a false feeling your mind creates to give you a false temporary kind of relive that always keeps you away from what you want.

Start on learning and experiencing

Part of being successful and always improve ourselves is being in a continuous state of learning and experiencing new things. It’s more like an essential block you need to complete the way to achieve something with. If you want to have a better work-life that will assist you to have the kind of personality and life to live, you need to learn everything about it. You need to experience new things that way out of your comfort zone. If you want to grow big through your project, you should learn everything about it and try new stuff and ways no one been through before. That goes for having better health or having a more peaceful mind.

Self Improvement

Record your progress

The process of self improvement goes through many ups and downs, you need to record the progress your making so you can have a wider look on how you act and what you did wrong and when you went right. It’s a great way to avoid mistakes and focus on doubling your good moves and sticking to them. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to right those failure moments, be grateful to them because they will learn you how to do things better in the next time.

We all want to get the best in everything connected to our lives whether the job we always dreamed of or a good partner that we can complete our life with or even a healthy mental and physical body. The thing that you should now is it a lifelong process and it will require lots of patience and hard work besides confidence and believing in yourself that you are capable and deserve owning this. You can join our Facebook group to get more advice and interact with girls like you to get some support through the road.

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