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Things Not To Buy Before Black Friday 2018 Deals

Things Not To Buy Before Black Friday 2018 Deals

black friday 2018 deals

Black Friday 2018 deals are the best time of the year for many shoppers. Black Friday is not just a day it is a whole season. Deals come out as early as October and the whole month big and small retailers alike keep releasing new deals to entice shoppers to start buying.

Many buyers start buying stuff as soon as the deals come out. Everyone thinks that if you waited too long you will miss out on the big discount, however, that is not entirely true. As the actual Black Friday comes closer some deals get even better, there are certain things that you can save a big amount of money on if you shop later on.

 Here are five items you should wait for and not buy before black Friday 2018 deals


TVs are downright the best-sellers on black Friday 2018 deals. If retailers have learned anything from the past years, it is that TVs sell out the fastest the more discounted they are. They put out offers early on but the high price drops do not come until that day. This is when they want all of their inventories to sell out.

There is perhaps more demand on that Friday where the general feeling in the physical stores, as well as online, is that if you snooze, you lose. If you are planning to purchase a TV, wait out the period before Friday. Snag the model you want at the lowest price possible on the day. Smart TVs and 4K screens are getting cheaper every year so you can end up saving a lot of money.

black friday 2018 deals



Tablets do not sell as much as smartphones, that is why during sale seasons you will see many discounts for tablets. Now, there are a lot of varieties in tablets from the technologically advanced iPads to vivid display Samsung Galaxy tablets, you have ample choices and you get a lot of choices price-wise too.

The best deals will come out at the eleventh hour, some tablets are remarkably cheap to begin so with the big day discounts you should be able to get them under $50. Some retailers even give out gift cards with the purchase of tablets that you can use anytime during the year. When it is so cheap, it makes sense to get a tablet too around the house.

Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are all the rage, especially during the Thanksgiving and holiday season. People are making their New Year resolutions of being more healthy and getting into shape, wearables are now part of fitness routines, therefore, there are a lot of potential customers for these things. Another reason why retailers put out big discounts on fitness trackers is that there is a lot of competition now.

Whether you are interested in tracking your fitness or not, you will be able to buy one for the cheapest price possible on the big sale day. If you want the high-end ones then black Friday 2018 deals are the prime time to buy them, do not spend more money in a hurry and wait till the last offers.

black friday 2018 deals



Let’s be honest, smartphones are the toughest to get a discount for whether it is sale season or not. Even if there is a discount, it is on the unpopular or new models. Nevertheless, you can hope for a decent discount on a decent smartphone on Black Friday. This is the time of the year when retailers want to get their costs back so they will sell everything they can.

Now, it depends on you if you are brand conscious when it comes to a smartphone. You should not hope to get the new iPhone XS but you can get a decent phone.


Cameras on Black Friday 2018

If you love taking photos or want to start a new photography passion, this is your chance to get your camera as more people are using their smartphones to take pictures High-end digital cameras have some of the best discounts on black Friday 2018 deals.

For those who want to have a GoPro, this could be your chance, retailers have high discounts on action cameras like GoPro and the likes of it. You can save some big bucks and get your hands on a high-quality camera.

Tips to Get the Best Deals for Electronics on Black Friday

  • Do your research at least a week before Black Friday to see which stores are offering the best deals
  • Put the item you want in the cart and leave it
  • If you are buying in-store, find out the store opening times on that day
  • Download apps for big retailers
  • Use coupon codes on top of the marked down the price if possible
  • Read store return policies to know how much time you have to get a refund or exchange should the item turn out faulty
  • Find out which cards or payment methods may earn you even more discount

Keep an eye out for the deals and sign up for email alerts. However, wait till Black Friday to finalize the sale, your wait will eventually save you a lot of money.

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