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This Is How I Raised Confidence Connected to My Body Image

This Is How I Raised Confidence Connected to My Body Image

Body Image

Summer is that time of the year when we all set some resolutions connected to the way we look and how to get that perfect summer shape to fit in that white swimsuit and enjoy wearing dresses to every summer party. You either follow diet depending on eating salads only or limiting your intake form dessert even some go for strict diets like the famous liquid diet. There’s nothing with proceeding a healthy lifestyle and change bad eating habits that may affect your own health, every girl wants to feel and look beautiful – that’s something we all deserve to get. But when you start to doubt your body image and feeling insecure in your own body this when everything starts to collapse around you as you start falling in the anxiety, depression zone as you start limiting all your capabilities and qualifications laying them back on the way look.

I have suffered from doubting myself and hating the way I look for years, they were hard times for me as I was so fragile any word and action could affect me even if they weren’t true. I wasn’t able to proceed a productive successful life as a strong woman because my the way I look affected my thoughts in all different ways. I believed that to start a happy life I need to start investing in my soul and thinking, I have to be that strong girl who doesn’t give sh***t about what people think or talk about me. It was one of the best experiences that I was honored and happy for going through.

Here are my precious tips on how to raise your body image

Analyze what people telling you

The first thing that might affect the way you look up to yourself is the comments you get from people around you, it is like the base of the problem. You need to figure this out and deal with it wisely remember how many times you were told you’re fat, so slim or other comments on specific body parts. What really affects you is your brain start to believe in these words and treat as truth or something that disgrace. You don’t think in these words after they enter your head, you just deal with as it’s something assumptive while you need to really analyze these words and think of to get the positive side of not just relay on the negative.

Each time I have received a comment on the way I look, I always rethink of is it really true or the other person is just being a jerk. You may receive a comment on how you nose look or how you are being fat but most of the time we receive comment from a sick person who might feel happy when hurt people around. Some people get their self-esteem or confidence by break others. While sometimes you get such comments based on someone background or experience which may lead us to the second most important tip you should keep in mind.


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Know where you getting comments from

Away from the hurting or self-harm words you get, you should put in mind where are you getting them. Unfortunately, we get the first comments on how we look from the closet persons in our circle – It’s FAMILY. Your parent’s or even siblings start to set their opinions on how you should look and wear which create the seeds of lake self-esteem and doubting body image in you. I am living examples on that and millions and around the world, as a teenager when my body starts to change I began to get comments and opinions from my sister and mom (Who I really love) and I know they weren’t meaning to hurt me or cause me somebody shame issues.

But still their words hanged up in my subconscious and I began to act according to them. Getting similar comments from the wider people network and other people I don’t even know made me believe even more that I have a body issue and I need to be cautious about.

As I said my family didn’t mean to hurt m or cause somebody issues for me and as I became more open and confident to talk about that I discussed the topic with them and I believe it was just like girls talk and they didn’t mean to put it that way. But when you get a comment on how you look from a stranger walking down the street or just meet at a party, this when you must act like you didn’t hear anything and just keep doing what you’re up to. On the other hand, the most popular toxic feedbacks from girls you know must be something you can figure on your own. These types of relations you must stay away from and don’t talk any words as a fact. What really helped me was keeping toxic people away and surround myself with people that do care form not the way I look, other than that I didn’t give a damn for what other people say.


Body Image
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Look up to other women and don’t judge them

Getting inspiration from other strong women who truly love the way they look is a great way to gain your own self-love. Through my journey when I doubted my own shape, I remember looking to women just passing by me in the street who are confident in the way they look and have no problem in showing it off. These women aren’t arrogant or out of the place, these women own self-esteem and you must look up to them as a source where you can fuel yourself with confidence and power. If you look around you (Social media isn’t your only way to get inspired by other women) – whether around your block, at work or even through your family you must find a gurl who can really be a great inspiration for you, these are that kind of persons who you should surround yourself with and learn from.

To be honest, i wasn’t that lucky with these kinds of personas in my people network, but I really paid attention each time I was in a place or woking around. There is all kind of women, some feel like they want to hide in the walls while others are just enjoying life and proud with the way they look and that was the kind I focused on each time I walk down the street I used to get my own power from them. Each time I pass by such beautiful string women, I tell myself why I even doubt my own body I should exactly be like I should step fear, shame, and doubt aside to enjoy the body god gifted me and conquer that beautiful life which deserves enjoying to the limits.


Body Image
Source: @thewhimsysoul


Don’t wait for compliments

One of the things that can affect your self-esteem and confidence as you rely on others to make you feel good. When you are on a date or any kind of gathering, the one thing might make you feel anxious about the way you look is waiting for compliments from people around you. To avoid that, try to enjoy your time in the place instead of focusing on other people and what they gonna say about you. To raise your confidence connected to your body image it is mandatory to never think of people opinions as your number #1 way to appreciate yourself.

Make the mirror a friend but not that close

Instead of relying on sweat words from others, use your own mirror to get that. Back then when I was younger, I didn’t like to see myself in the mirror because I was only seeing that I have a bunch of flaws that I wanted to change. But through that journey of loving each part of my body, I was eager to try all things that I avoid or heated – it was like an obligatory thing that I set to push myself away from that toxic comfort zone. It wasn’t that effective in the beginning because each time I recognize a flat or something ugly in me, but by the time things start to change and I was falling in love with how I look more and more. Of course, we all have things we want to change like some belly fats or slightly double chin but you still can embrace these blemishes as you gain more appreciation and esteem. I like to say nice words to myself which raise my mood each time I see myself in the mirror ( It’s not CRAZY as you may think) – Enjoy your body and don’t wait for others comments.

Wok on your mental state

Your subconscious will play a huge part in the way you see your body image. You can do that pay focusing on reading or watching inspirational materials about gaining confidence and appreciate your body. You may also need to share in talks and sessions connecting with other people about these specific subjects. All this will stick in your mind without you even realize, I didn’t do that intentionally actually. I remember that one of my facebook friends mentioned a group which supports women in all paths especially the way they look. I immediately sent a join request and once I get accepted there were lots of discussions and talks about body image and how to be strong women.

This was a huge benefit for the character I am on today. Reddit also a very safe platform where you can take part in all kind of discussions, these aren’t just places to have fun they can really make a difference in people lives and I am one of them.


Body Image
Source: @jakmajor


Choose the right clothes

Lastly, minding the way you dress and the type of clothes you pick is a great way to raise your body image confidence as you fall in love more and more with your own body. Picking the right type of outfits that can boost your sexy parts is something you should go for instead of treating your body like a certain type of fruits. Because I enjoy killer shoulders and legs, I always focus on short types of pants like cropped pants and jeans. I also wear V-neck tops and of shoulder ones that can focus on those beautiful shoulders. Another important couple of things, pick the right type of bras and jeans. Your bras will help you to look net and chick, so you can wear what really fits you without feeling like something is popping out from here and there. While the right fit of jeans or any other piece of cloth will make you confident and beautiful in the way you look all the time.

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