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11 Vegan Food for Breakfast to Burn Fats

11 Vegan Food for Breakfast to Burn Fats

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If you like vegan food or you want to turn into it to burn fats and lose weight, there is no meal better than breakfast to start with. You can incorporate many foods in your breakfast meals and you got to be very satisfied with it. To get the shape you want or have healthy lifestyle all you need is a healthy diet plan with delicious fat burning foods to help you stick with your goal, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it helps your body to work the right way and burn these nasty fats as it meant to be done.

It is even back to school time to boost your look and give it some vibes, vegetarian foods will get the job done. Vegetarian foods are filled with all the elements your body needs to look good and be healthy, while most meats nowadays incorporated with unhealthy elements that may affect our bodies due to unnatural practices.

Start Your Day With Delicious Vegan Food to Get Your Dream Look in No Time

Vanish Your Belly Fat With Nut Cereal Bowel

Nuts are great vegan food that must be included in your breakfast diet, they rich in unsaturated fats and omega-3 also fibers that modify your mood and keep you satisfied all day. As they rich in fibers, they regulate digestion which in return removes bloating to give you blasting stomach, they also burn fats as they supply you with energy that boosts your metabolic rate.

You can eat nuts raw or toasted adding it to a bowl of any healthy cereals you like with some barries and a teaspoon of honey. There are many varieties to choose from, you can pick one for each day to not be fed up from.


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Have a Fresh Day With This Delicious Oat Smoothie

If you don’t like eating oats as a cereal you can turn it into a delicious refreshing smoothe just get your blender and add half a cup of oatmeal, teaspoon of honey, slices of apple or any fruit you like, three cups of ice and a half cup of any kind of milk you like, for example, coconut milk. Turn on the blender and enjoy this bomb of energy and fat burning, oatmeal is rich and fibers, minerals, and many vitamins that make it one of the best fat burning foods your body needs to burn calories properly and fast.


Get Full and Satisfied With This Scrambled Tofu Recipe

If you like having a large portion of food for breakfast with more than one type, this a great delicious recipe for you and it just under 264 calories and rich in protein. you can also prepare the night before in case you don’t have time for making it in the morning, check out the recipe.

Tofu is rich in protein and minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron besides selenium, vitamin B6, and folate which make it a great fat burning food. It keeps you full for a long period which prevents digestion disorders, it is also a good source for energy to help in fat burning.


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Hazelnut Bars for in Hurry Working People

These crunchy hazelnut bars are very healthy breakfast for people who always late at work, you can prepare an amount at the weekend that you can keep for the whole week. It is easy to do and you can add any flavor you like, make a different flavor for each day to keep your breakfast enjoying habit. Hazelnut rich in fibers, minerals, unsaturated fats, omega-3, and vitamin A, B, and E.

All these elements help your body function properly which in return burn more fat and give you a perfect shape besides a healthy face and skin. Blend one cup of hazelnut with two tablespoons of coconut oil then add a pinch of salt, a half teaspoon of cinnamon, couple drops of vanilla, half cup of oatmeal and a quarter cup of dark chocolate.

Set the mixture in a trey and then add any topping you like, you can add dried fruits or chopped dark chocolate and nuts. Leave the tray in the fridge for about 20 minutes, then get it out and cut it into even bars and then into a plastic bag to the fridge to use when you are in a hurry.


Get The Tropical Sense With Chia Budding

Chia is a high source of protein, fibers, healthy fats and omega-3 which help in lowering blood pressure and increase sensitivity to the insulin hormone, two of the main reasons for obesity. That is why it is one of the best vegan foods for losing weight and burn fats.

You can prepare a refreshing tropical healthy budding from it in under 5 minutes, just soak a quarter cup of chai in a cup of milk, any type such as coconut milk. The seeds will form a gelatinous material which will turn the liquid mixture into a budding, transfer it to a lovely mason jar and add a delicious topping of any tropical fruits like mango and papaya.

Get Ready for Practice or a Busy Day With This Beans Salad

Beans one of the best fat burning foods they rich in protein, fibers, and carbohydrates which considered a huge energy supplier, once you eat them you will feel satisfied and full for hours also you will be able to exercise for long period without fatigue or feeling exhausted. Pick your favorite types, it is better to be fresh not from a cane or jar.

There is a punch of varieties: white beans, black beans, and red kidney beans. Get them dry then soak them in cold water overnight, in the morning drain them then put in a pan with enough water and pinch of salt.

Watch it continuously and don’t overcook them, they will take about 60 minutes. Drain then add two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, lemon zest, juice of half a lemon, chopped tomato, and some fresh coriander. You can have a crunchy slice of toast with it and it won’t be more than 500 calories.


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Banana Bread for All Bread Lovers

Bread is an essential breakfast food, but it is one of the main reasons for gaining weight as people consume types backed with fat and carbohydrates. Whole grain wheat is a good source for all bread lovers as it rich in fibers and vitamins that will regulate your digestion, decrease bloating, give you a flatten stomach and of course help you lose weight.

Banana also rich in vitamins and minerals that boost your body’s organs to functionate properly and increase fat burning rates. you can check out the recipe here.


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Skip Unhealthy Pasta and Go for Spiralized Noodles

Pasta is unhealthy food that you shouldn’t be eating on breakfast, it packed with a high amount of carbohydrates and they make you feel hungry after no time. But if you a pasta person you can replace it with Spiralized Noodles; which made in different flavors from a wide range of healthy vegetables that help you lose weight and burn fat.

Spiralized Noodles is either made of zucchini, beet, sweet potato, or carrots. They are very delicious and make you satisfied besides reducing your apatite. You can boil them and add to a fresh salad with a delicious dressing from balsamic and olive oil. It’s a great vegan food to burn fat for any time of the day.


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Feel Fancy on Breakfast With Healthy Delicious Asparagus

Asparagus known for its health benefits since the first century, it is low in sodium and a high source for fibers and folic acid. It also rich in minerals as calcium, potassium and iron, thiamin, glutathione, vitamins A, B6, C, and K.

As it contains no calories it is a great vegan food to be included in your breakfast diet, it works well for fat burning as it keeps you full for long period that gives your body the chance for burn fats and also prevents water retention that considered a cause for gaining some weight, besides it helps in reducing bloating and get a flat stomach. You can steam, bake or grill it with carrot, garlic, and tofu.

You can also mix with other vegetables and ingredients you like to make a lovely fresh salad or you can eat with mashed potato and crunchy toast.


Treat Yourself With This Strawberry Cake

Preventing yourself from foods you like is a very wrong strategy for losing weight and burn fats, most people who apply them end up eating more quantities of food and they can’t reach their goal or dreams of having a good shape.

You can eat any food you like by replacing the unhealthy ingredients with the healthy ones and strawberry cake is a delicious example of vegan food that is very healthy and delish. You can eat cake at breakfast and feel satisfied without gaining weight or break your healthy lifestyle. check out the recipe for this delicious cake here.

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