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Want to Practice Yoga – This Is How I started?

Want to Practice Yoga – This Is How I started?

Practice Yoga

Yoga wasn’t really my thing, I didn’t believe in how really it could change the way your day or life goes and it’s magical power for soul healing. I’m that type of cardio or vigorous exercise lover and I usually end each time of exercising with stretching to help me heal faster, but sports weren’t really helping in getting rid of stress. I work roughly 15 hours a day between writing and internship my day can’t pass without a couple of problems whether related to work or some personal issues that I had to deal with. I realized that much stress won’t do any good to my productivity and my bosses started to notice a significant drop in my performance, that is when I decided to search solutions so I can be more relaxed and deal with problems I face. As going through regular stress for almost a year each part of my body is going through failure whether my shape, skin, and hair basically I was losing it on my self-care routine not to mention bloating which was nearly turning into a chronic digestive issue. Many of my friends and people that I know started advising me to practice yoga and I was like why not to give this a TRY maybe it does really work.

I didn’t enroll myself in any yoga classes or sessions, instead, I opened up my laptop and I begin to see videos and read people experience on how yoga changed the way they deal with their lives. What was really fun and inspiring to me is how you can forget about all your problems while focusing only on your soul and self for at least 10-15 minutes. I really needed that time to clear my head and recharge again.

This is how I started on practice yoga…

Pick a place

Starting was a little confusing to me, as I wasn’t ready or let’s say I didn’t like the idea of being in a class for yoga. I took it as an intimate time between and my soul that I don’t want anyone to interpret or interfere at, so the first thing that I had to start with is finding the right place to enjoy that quite self-time in and I couldn’t found better than my terrace to enjoy that. I live in a quiet neighborhood so no disturbing voices or traffic can interfere with that session. After deciding on a perfect place between the living and the terrace, it is time to decorate this open-air area for a full soul vibe. I didn’t do much, it was all about being calm and cozy. So I throw on a brown rug, a couple of pillows, and a flame lamp to add some magic to the area.

Practice Yoga
Source: @girlbossboutiquexo

Choose the right clothes

One thing that I really care about before starting on practicing yoga was choosing the right clothes that I can feel comfortable in. I am not a big fan of tights and shorts, so harem and palazzo pants were the perfect choice for me to keep everything natural not just wrapping up every piece of skin, I like air to follow into my skin and body. For the upper part, I stick to supportive bras to keep everything in the right place and prevent any space for saggy breasts. I either layer with a crop top or any type of light shirt or just go with the bra only.

What poses should you go for

I started on trying basic yoga movement as you see in that video, but I didn’t get anything after ending. I felt like I was coping the movements but my body wasn’t responding. That’s the problem, we don’t listen to our bodies we keep rolling in the wheel until we hit the wall and we end up realizing that our bodies can work anymore which should not be a surprise. If you can’t contact your soul or inner self and figure you won’t figure that balance and peace no matter how hard you tried. Depending on your mind or physical state you can decide on what pose you want your body to be in. For a working girl like me, fatigue was something that I suffered 50% of the day and when I am such condition I need something slow and relaxing to help me relieve stress and calm down my nerves to forget about the hustle of the whole day.

Practice Yoga
Source: webhealthjournal.com

Other days I feel energetic and I just want to put my energy vibes all over the place, that is when I can try faster and more challenging yoga poses to enjoy my body and keep the energy flowing. Don’t copy or imitate poses and movements, just listen to what your body needs and what you want to feel and get from these 15 or 20 minutes. It doesn’t matter how good or professional you are at doing these poses and shapes, you aren’t doing this for your GRAM feeds you only searching that solution to help solve your problem and that’s lead us to the third brick in the yoga journey block.

Figure your purpose

You can’t start in a new thing and keep it going unless you have a goal or a purpose, I only started on yoga to be more relaxed and get rid of my stress which was on the cliff to turning into a chronic thing. Putting that ahead of me helped me to stick with these 15-20 minutes EVERYDAY, I can assure you that pushing yourself and committing to such short time for your own sake through packed busy day wasn’t an easy thing. But if you taking only like some kind of homework you should get done with, you won’t really get the results. You should love it and feel a difference in practicing yoga at least in the first week. If you only feel like you do nothing but pushing yourself over these minutes try to search other options maybe yoga isn’t your thing and you just throwing your energy and time away with no significant result.

When Should you practice yoga

Another thing that depends on your lifestyle, I tried yoga at different times for the first month to pick the best time for me to do so. As it was for the purpose of relaxing and calm down, I needed to figure the best time to practice yoga that I can benefit from. Practicing yoga in the morning ahead of a long day of working and focusing on my internship was good for the first quarter of the day but after that, I started to stress again and by the time my day end I only think of sleeping while I am so tired and packed with mixed feelings and of course stressed. I switched to the night as I thought it might give me better sleep and wake up with full energy, will it did but it didn’t really change anything about the daily stress and work productivity.

I do my work online so I have the time to go home, eat, shower, and start writing after I end my part-time internship. Creating a space for practicing yoga in the middle of the day was the best solution for me, after enjoying a quick shower and feed my hunger with a snack I start with yoga for roughly 20 minutes and I enjoy my dinner after that. This was the best time for me to benefit yoga and create a daily balance to calm down, relax, and eliminate stress entirely. Don’t give up on yourself from the first round, try new things and different options to make things out maybe you missing a specific point which for me was all about the PERFECT time.

Source: creativemaxx.com

There is no specific instructions and ways to practice yoga, this is just a working experience that I love to share hoping it makes a difference in your everyday life routine. It’s all about figuring what is right for you and not just taking the information as it is, be flexible, understanding, and always listen to what your body tells you. Our lifestyles never match and what can work for me, not for sure work for you, we only provide bold and basic lines to follow. You have all the ability and chances to tamper for what is in your good.

If you have any questions connected to my experience feel free to contact me

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