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20 DIY Wedding Favors Ideas for Small Budgets

20 DIY Wedding Favors Ideas for Small Budgets

Wedding Favors

Wedding day considered the most important day in many women’s lives, they want to have a perfect day with no mistakes but many of them feel bad about that day when they planning for a wedding on a budget, so they give up for many things for example wedding favors. You don’t have to plan for a wedding with thousands of dollars to enjoy the day you have always dreamed of, fancy stuff isn’t your way to get those memorable moments. It’s all about surround yourself with people that truly love and care for you while treating them with gifts that express your soul and show them how much you love them. It could be your cupcake recipe everyone being crazy about or just unforgettable snow globes designed by you so they keep remembering that day.

If you are planning a wedding on a small budget or even want to make special treats for your guests, it is better to do it yourself. The problem is you might not have any ideas for it or don’t know where to start from.

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Don’t Worry About That Just Check These Brilliant DIY Wedding Favors Idea

Food Favors

If you are good at cooking or known for famous delicious food this might be your special thing to giveaway to all your guests. It suitable for all ages and no one will ever forget it, just put all your love in it and you will be thrilled by the feedback. You can give your recipe to catering and review the samples with them. You can even share the recipe with your guests for a more memorable touch. Here are some amazing ideas:

1. Cookie Jar

No one hates cookies they are typical food for anyone, also easy to make and you can customize it to leave your mark that all your guests will remember. instead of giving them a box of cookies, you can make a cookie jar full of different tasty ingredients and don’t forget to add the recipe to it. People will keep both the jar and the recipe, after enjoying that delicious treat.


wedding party favors


2. Tea Blend

Many people get exhausted at weddings whether they came from a far place or have been helping at the organization and planning, a cup of tea what all these people need, so why not gift them a soothing and relaxing tea blend made of herbs and pieces of some citrus fruits. Pack it in a lovely box with beautiful packaging and wait for the positive feedback.



2. Local Gift

If you are living in the country or anywhere near it, a local favor is all what it takes. You can gift your guests a customized jar of local jam, honey or fruit. All you need a lovely packing box with a personalized tag to remind each guest for being there and a good farm or seller to buy your choice from.



4. Spices

No one cook without spices, it is a brilliant and very handy idea won’t cost you much money. You can pick any sort of spices you like and be smart with putting it in your wedding food so that guests will be excited to use their gift as soon as they go home. Just mind the packaging process and the quality of the spices you buy.



5. Oils

Another lovely DIY wedding party favor suitable for your budget, infused oils or virgin oils are a very nice choice that your guests will keep for a long period and remember you for. Pick the oils from a trusted place and pack them in a lovely bottle, you can also add a tag with the uses of the oil or thanking message to each guest.


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6. Coffee Bags

Coffee is a suitable drink for after-party hangover and everyone loves it, the way you pack the coffee will draw your guests’ attention. Mark these bags with a phrase from your heart or add your names and the wedding date to an attached tag.


wedding favors

Home Favors

A very handy wedding party favors you can do by yourself and your guests will be very happy with, you can gift them an item that you used to make for yourself like a body scrub or decorative piece. Here are some ideas that you can do or take your inspiration from:

7. Scrub

You can make either face or body scrub that you use yourself which will be very easy to you, many guests will be in love with that favor and they will be thrilled if you added the ingredients and the way of making it. Just pack it in a lovely jar with a funny phrase or anything you like telling to your guests if you don’t know how to make this stuff don’t worry there are many ideas that can inspire you.



8. Bath Soak

What is better than a relaxing bath after an exhausting weekend party, treat your guests with a lovely smelling soak and they will remember you with that for weeks. Bath soak a very easy to make you just combine ingredients together and put in a beautiful jar and you can learn more about making get from that here.



9. Soap

Soap one of the most popular and favorite DIY favors for many people as they are easy to make, suitable for low budgets and guests love them. You can make it by mixing coconut oil with some essential oils of your choice, water, flowers to add beautiful shape, any exfoliating ingredient you like such as oatmeal and dried herbs. After combining all ingredients together, put them in trays and leave at the fridge for a couple of hours then cut to even shapes and rape in a beautiful package tagging with anything you like.


wedding favors


10. Candles

Candles are just like soap easy to make and guests love them, you can make your own candles by mixing paraffin with the essential oils you like and soy. Add these ingredients to any container you like to use; vintage teacups or seashells. Mason jars too are very cute and adorable, don’t forget to add a wick in the center before they solidify.


wedding favors


11. Sachets

If you like sewing this the best on budget favor for you, all you need is vintage or any fabric you like and lovely smelling herbs or flowers like lavender, citrus rinds, dried flowers or any favorite spices.



12. Snow Globes

Make your guests a decorative favor that they will keep remembering you for, it won’t cost you much money and very easy to make. All you have to do is heading to any near craft shop to get the customized tools you like.


wedding favors


13. Mini Terrariums

A lovely favor suitable for all ages and very easy to make, all you need is a clear jar, any animal figure you like and moss for the base which you can get all from any craft shop. They are very adorable decorative items that your guests will have for years to come.



14. Figurine Keychains

A very affordable and suitable favor for an artistic couple, you can make it yourself if you a good sculptor or you can just design it and hand to an expert to make it for you. The Figurine may be in the form of bride and groom, the faces of the couple or small figures with customs indicating the job of the couple.


cheap wedding favors


15. Plants

Plants are a Very meaningful favor that you can gift your guests, Pick a plant or a flower that has a story or meaning of it is own, for example, Jasmin is a symbol for sweet love. Put the flower or the plant you choose in a customized pot or vase, you can use wooden vases or different shape pots.


wedding party favors

Favors to enjoy the wedding party

Wedding party favors are not only for taking home, but your guests can also enjoy the favors you hand to them at the wedding and their home too. Especially kids; they like enjoying and playing so you shouldn’t forget them. Here are some fun and lovely favors for both children and adults to enjoy.

16. Bubbles

Bubbles are a very fun favor that both adults and kids enjoy playing with, they are very easy to make you only need water, soap, glycerin, and sugar mix all these ingredients together in a large bowel. Prepare a customized jar or brightly plastic canes with your names on them. Pour the liquid in each one and package them with a fun style.


wedding favors


17. Paper Makes

You only need cardboard, glue, paint, scissors, and yarn which won’t cost you much money to make these favors, besides you will have fun doing them. You can make different shapes and colors to give your wedding photos a lovely feature, all your guests will be happy with these favors plus they can take them at home.



18. Pinwheels

Another fun feature you can add to your wedding selfies, they are good favors for on budget weddings and very easy to make. You can buy tools from any craft shop and assemble them with your friends to enjoy your time. Make them in different colors and shapes and don’t forget to tag them with a thanking note for each guest or anything you like to tell them. Kids and adults will enjoy them at the wedding and they can keep with them for more time.



19. Scratch Tickets

Brilliant and fun favor cost you a small amount of money, leave a ticket on each chair and be creative in the design. You can make a logo of your names and wedding date or add a phrase both of you are known for. It doesn’t matter how big the prize is, it can be a valuable thing you love to give to one of your friends or a precious bottle of wine. Make sure to put a penny with each ticket, so that they can scratch it with.





20. Instruments

If you are a music lover, musician or looking for a different kind of wedding this is the favor that will express you and of course won’t cost you a fortune. You can pick any type of handy lower-cost instruments like wooden rattles or noisemakers, customize them by adding your names and wedding date as a logo. Put one at each chair so your guests can use them while you walk down the aisle. They are very funny favors and not so popular so you will be unique and your guests will remember you for years by it.


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