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What to Do This Weekend | A Better Weekend for A New Productive Work Week

What to Do This Weekend | A Better Weekend for A New Productive Work Week

What to Do This Weekend

The weekend is here and we all might get rushed up through the end of week to get all the tasks done to have a better day for doing things we are willing to, unfortunately, most of us might end up not doing all the things we were thinking of and probably just laying at home eating food or resting because of the effort we have done through the week. Having a better weekend and do things that make you happy, give you with energy and positive mood to start another productive week at work. We are here to give you our favorite practice for the weekend to get freshened up and have a productive and creative week at work:

Here is a glimpse on what to do this weekend

Schedule Your Weekend

What to do this weekend end ? a question that come to our mind each end of the week, we all have tons of things in our mind to accomplish in that day, form taking care of our beauty, gather with friend or family, meet with your partner, practice a hobby or go for a trip. Scheduling that day will avoid you lots of hassle and let you accomplish and practice ample of things. Grap your note and write down things you love to polish off whether a night before or through the week.


Don’t Push on Through The End of The Week

Pushing on yourself through the weekend you end up being torned with exhausted body and grueling mind, you won’t be able to work on anything and go for things you were willing to so don’t work that hard on Saturdays let some space where you can have energy and power for a better day off.


Don’t Think of Work

Close your mobile, stay away from your email, and train your mind to keep work thoughts away. practice yoga on Saturday night, plan for a better morning routine to start your day with positive vibes, don’t waste your time, exploit every minute so you don’t have time to think of any bad ideas about work or life just enjoy you girl.


what to do this weekend

Organize Your Day

Put the things you are excited about on the top of your list, so if you run out of time you got the chance to have a virtue day full of all good vibes that help you to start a new productive work week. Set a specific time for each mirth and challenge yourself to not exceed that, do more, keep the enthusiasm, and don’t limit your capabilities.


What to Do This Weekend

Do Things You Can’t Have on Other Days

Through the week we have that desire of doing copious of stuff whether taking care of ourselves, cooking a home meal, having a nice time with your partner or no matter what it was. Suppressing that desire and doesn’t matter for doing it will make you feel bad and may give you a bad mood through the next week. Write down your desires and work on them through your weekend, try to encounter more of them through the day to give yourself that good mood.


what to do this weekend

Try New Things

Don’t tauten your day on a specific routine, keep thing sensuousness for your mind and soul to have the urge on working through the week and be more productive as you can have that new experience and forgetting about that silly question on what to do this weekend. Go for hiking, meet with new people, find a new challenge and don’t wait for people to share you that enjoy yourself and your time no matter your status is.


Prepare for Things If You Can

If you have time on your Saturday night prepare for things you aiming for, prepare for your warm bath, prepare for your hiking trip, prepare for the meal you will cook, doing that will give you time to start on things right away without wasting a single second and avoid you the mess you might fall in.


Tell us your favorite weekend practice in the comments…

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