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What to wear on a first date? Here’s Our Guide to Nail That Day

What to wear on a first date? Here’s Our Guide to Nail That Day

What to Wear on a First Date

OMG! The first word comes into mind when you remember that you still have to pull off a perfect look to leave that long lasting impression for the one you like. Whether it’s a setup date, your own crush or someone you just meet in your last party – You want to be in your best allure for the first time out with that person. Along with the anxiety, nervousness, contentious sweating, stomach ache, and of course cold hands, you get during that time you must be confident in what you wear and how you look. To clear that confusion about that big promising day we are giving these valuable tips on what to wear on a first date besides some easily achievable looks you can copy.

Look for some cute date outfit


Your ultimate guide on what to wear on a first date

Comfy Comes First

It’s the first time you and that person alone so all the focus will be on you if you are wearing something tight like a body cone dress or smaller size jeans to make you look skinny or show your sexy spots off you may not feel comfortable and you will always think of when this gonna end or when he will stop looking even if he wasn’t looking rudely but because the way you’re wearing you will think like that. If you are going for dinner or lunch, you should be wearing something that doesn’t show or focus on your belly area. Wear something you can eat in as you like, something you can breathe in after eating not some sort of tight pieces that gonna pop out after eating a bowl of salad or so.


What to Wear on a First Date


Less is ALWAYS More

What to wear on a first date? Well, I should look sexy AF and bring it all in. Actually, the answer will be NO, NO, NO. It’s totally a wrong technique to follow if you are going on a first date, you should keep everything natural and simple while still looking attractive. If you showed off everything on the first date, what else will you get to draw his attention in upcoming times – Make him want more if you know what I mean ;)! Don’t show too much skin if you did like to show some, create a balance so you don’t look tacky. It’s always better to focus on your most attractive body parts, so if you have an upper killer part like shoulder and chest. Wear something open like an off-shoulder or V-neck top while wearing a longer skirt or pants to create a chic contrast.

Another more thing you should put in mind is staying away from trending fashion, keep your look more on the modest elegant side with straight forward pieces suitable for all types of occasions and still look catchy to take your significant other breathe away.


What to Wear on a First Date



What to Wear on a First Date


Focus on Things You’re complimented on

Wearing things that highlight your most attractive features without being tacky or cheesy is the number one rule you should always follow when picking an outfit for a date. Whether it’s color goes perfectly with your skin tone, hairstyle, cute makeup look or even certain type of clothes even if it was a tee and jeans. Lisa Morrison, dating expert and matchmaker at It’s Just Lunch; told Theevergirl

Choose a color or outfit you often complimented on




Take Your Time Getting Ready

It isn’t all about what to wear on a date you will also need to get ready ahead of time, so you don’t stress out and end up looking like just get out of a roller coaster although you spend that much time shopping or picking THAT outfit. Take sometime relaxing or listening to joyful or calming music, put on your makeup slowly not when he waiting down the street and fix things up for one last time don’t just go out once you’re ready. Most of the time after finishing and dressing all up, you may have that stamp of lip color on your teeth which not look SEXY at all. That’s why keep yourself sometimes when you can check out these small details.


what to wear on a casual first date female


What to Wear on a First Date


Wear According to The Occasion

Not all first time dates go straight to the classic dinner thing, some may invite you to a cup of coffee that’s when you need to wear something casual or sport chic. Something like a nice statement top and skinny with lovely kitten heels or just a mulse, you can also wear pants…

If you’re going for lunch after work – You need to wear something comfy, doesn’t show these sweat patches, an outfit to make your personality stand out, not showy but still attractive, and of course, away from the regular formal or too casual pieces, you used to wear for office. You can go for a long maxi dress with a nice pair of heels along with simple makeup and hair. You may also go for jeans, top, and blazer combination with a hint of minimalistic accessories and don’t forget your red lip color.

For a cinema night kind of date, wear something cute and fun that you can walk easily in. This could be a mini floral retro dress layered with a leather jacket or a nice edgy bold look with jeans, logo shirt, black leather jacket, and combat boots. Accessories with a headscarf for a cute hairstyle to create a balanced style and don’t forget your black nail polish.

Finally, if it’s a romantic dinner date night out where you gonna enjoy a nice then an inmate walk. You don’t need to go for dresses only there’re many other options you can pick from. Like jumpsuits, pants and top combination, and of course jeans. A classic jumpsuit with a perfect color that makes your body figure stand out will be a great choice along with simple accessorize, natural makeup look, strappy heels, and clutch to complete your allure.

You can also wear jeans all you need is spicing things up a bite, like matching your skinny ripped-knee jeans with a statement blouse or cami and end up with nice heels and a smoky eyes makeup. If you like wearing dresses, go for ones that also make your body figure stand out not to tight or more on the over-sized side. Whether you like mini dresses, long or midi ones don’t go too far with your accessories and the high heels keep things simple and chic if you want to look attractive and expensive as well.



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