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Your Checklist to Create a Successful Blog

Your Checklist to Create a Successful Blog

Successful Blog

There are millions of blogs and sites out there, but does all of them reach the goal or MAKE IT! Well of course not, in order to nail it reaching your goals and delivering your own voice you have to think smart, act professionally, and we are here to help you achieve that successful blog. If you want to start a blog you need to go through two phases; SETTING A PLAN and FIGURING THE RIGHT TOOLS. Some people miss the first phase which considers the most important part of the process, you can’t succeed something without putting some basics and lines to work along with other than that you might go through the chaos that will take more effort and money to contain. Figuring the best tools for your blog is confusing and tricky, there are tons of them but starting with the basics and most importantly will make things run smoothly for you.

Let’s get started and draw the way to your next successful blog


Why to start a Blog?

Answering that question and knowing the reason for establishing that new project will help you to take a big step in that stage, it helps you to upgrade and improve your ideas on what you want to put out there. If you just started after an idea popped up in your head you won’t take any step further and you may get another good idea after starting, but it is too late already to change. This also helps you to figure a catchy, interesting, and convenient name for your blog on what dreams you have. Just put everything you have in mind on a plain paper and figure your order out of that amazing brainchild chaos.

For example, if you want to start a blog on travel, you need to know what are the topics you gonna cover are they personal experience or information on destinations. What difference will you make out of that huge number of travel blogs, what will make you stand out, what are your strength points -may be an active Glam account- how far do you want to go with that blog. All these questions will put you on the right track for your successful blog.
Know your audience

Another important topic you need to consider when starting a new blog, this will help you to grow your traffic faster and earn trust and popularity among your competitors. Knowing which audience you sharing your content with will also give you an idea on which social platform should you focus on to grab the attention of more. If you planning to start your own tech designing blog then you should focus on Pinterest and Instagram audiences that is because both of them gather a huge group of freelancers and entrepreneurs who have a huge interest in such topics.

Focus on your strength points

Any skills you have will and for sure help you to grow a successful blog so, if you are good at planning your own life you can create a downloadable newbie or a checklist to attract your audience. If you have good recipes turn into a book and put for free on your own blog, if you have a good sense of fashion create your own list of tips and tricks for your POP UP. write down what you good at and try to make the most of. A successful blog doesn’t only depend on how much money you will spend or how it looks, what matter most is how smart you are and how much effort you spend on it.

Define the time you will give

Will you take it as your new full-time job or will work on it part-time or just whenever you are free. Depending on the time you give to your blog you will get the results, but what matters the most is CONSISTENCY. If you only have the time to finish one post a month, then stick to posting once monthly don’t post two times a week then take a month off and start posting again. Taking what you are doing seriously helps you to nail it with the least capabilities.

Know your competitors

You can’t improve yourself and stay on the trend unless you track who already made it, they must have a strategy to grow their traffic and keep their success. Tracking your competitors gives you a glimpse of what the targeted audience love, besides handing you some ideas on what trending to write on. You can also reach them out to participate as a guest post or earning some backlinks.

Successful Blog

Grow a convenient network

Introducing yourself to these new colleges and trips is an easy way to reclaim your work and establish strong roots in the field, it also introduces you to a wide range of people as long as getting new ideas and learning new tricks and tips to improve what you doing.

After setting a strong base for your new project from which you can walk steady steps it is time to ACT and PICK the best tools that will help you set these ideas alive. These are the five basic tools you will need to get a successful blog…

Choose a trusted host

Making your homepage and generally, your site load very quickly will have a great renew on how people keep navigating your pages and come back, sites and blogs that take much time to load no matter the content or the quality is getting bad views and less success for sure. That is when the importance of your host comes, we use Bluehost which make the process way easier not just for ON page pros but also for OFF page navigations like the easy navigation of your control panel to build your site, update, and improve with the easiest way possible add to it a 24/7 technical support to help you in any issue you might be facing. You can buy host for nearly 3$ a month if you don’t like to pay for the whole year.

Master your designs

The way your site looks depends on lots of elements; pictures and templates are the most. You need to follow a steady line (again consistency) so people can recognize you easily whether with a logo, specific designs or pictures. If you don’t have the money to invest in tools like PicMonkey or Photoshop, you can go for the freeway with two that we love to use; Canva and PowerPoint.

Choose your best platform

If you don’t do marketing no one will never notice what you are putting out of effort and money, depending on your targeted audience and your niche. Pinterest is a great way to grab the attention of your audience no matter where they are, it all depends on the quality of your picture and templates. Instagram also another platform that you can rely on, but it takes much more time and effort than the other to reach your goal.

Successful Blog

Track your growth

Knowing which of your posts doing well, how much have you been growing, how old is your audience and where are they from all help with improving your work and hit your success in a short time. Google analytics is also a free tool that will do all that for you, all you need to do is logging and adding your blog link.

Earn Faster

If you establish a new blog for money then you need to deal with things on that basis from day one, so you need to work seriously. Use affiliate links from any tools you have used or even personal products you buy online, Google AdSense also a good way to earn money easily but you only can do that after posting a reasonable amount of content so your blog doesn’t look spammy.

We have rounded the basic lines that will help you start a successful blog if you have any question or you want to be on your site, feel free to contact us. Don’t forget to pin the article to not miss these tips.

Successful Blog

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